The Necessity for Intercession

Australia is degenerating. From top to bottom, the nation’s in a mess, like every other country of the world. Will you pray for the nation? The following represents a basic study of the Biblical subject of intercession.


Intercession is a predominant Biblical theme. (See Gen.20:17; Ex.32:7-14; Dan.9:1-19; Ezra 9; Neh.1; Jn.17; I Tim.2: 1-3).

Ezek.22: 29 -31 Judgment must ultimately fall on a sinful nation, if there is no one to intercede. Though God is merciful, He never compromises over sin. He will always be a just Judge (Gen.18:25; Ps.19: 9; Rev.16:7).

Intercession Biblically, could be for an individual (Abraham for Lot, Gen.18: 22-33, and Abimelech, Gen.20:17-18), a group (Jesus for His people-Jn.17), a city (Jeremiah- Jer.29:7) or a nation (Moses-Ex.34; Nu.14; 16; Ezra- Ezra 9, Daniel- Dan.9).

I. Wickedness will lead to destruction; or repentance/conversion/forgiveness:           

Ps.145: 20; II Kings 24:1-4: National judgment came, because Manasseh “filled Jerusalem with innocent blood.”

Prov.6: 16-19: Is the murder of 90,000 babies annually, “filling Australia with innocent blood?” See Prov.24:11-12.

Mat.5:13 -His judgments may have begun already.

II. National sins lead to national judgment: or, God may be entreated by His people:   

Amos 3:7; Ps.25:14; Prov.3:32; Ps.103:7; Nu.14:11-20 It was only Moses’ intercession, which prevented the destruction of the nation of Israel.

III. When judgment is threatening, the role of the godly is critical:                           

Prov.15:8; II Chron.7:14; Joel 2:17-18

Conclusion: If we believe in the judgments of God, we must believe in the need for intercession. Let us pray for Australia, and the Lord’s people!

I Pet.4:17; Hab.3:2.


  Thou art coming to a King;

Large petitions with thee bring;

For His grace and power are such,

None can ever ask too much,

None can ever ask too much.

(John Newton)