It’s all our Fault

The Lord is righteous; for I have rebelled against His command… (Lam.1:18).

When nations have had poor governments, it’s very easy to blame the politicians. They do have a responsibility for what transpires in every nation, especially if they provide a legislative framework for a disaster.

It shows utter irresponsibility when a defeated government hands over a deficit to an in-coming government. The defeated government is essentially saying, “We messed up. You fix the problems.” And this is what socialist governments tend to do. This is what the Labor government of Queensland did in March this year, and this is probably what the Gillard government will also do. It is irresponsible, negligent, a form of callousness and even hatred towards the electorate that put them there.

But voters choose their political leaders in democratic nations. If we get poor political leaders, we have to ask ourselves, “Who voted for them?” People get the government they deserve.

Ludwig von Mises was right. He said that

Whoever wants lastingly to establish good government must start by trying to persuade his fellow citizens and offering them sound ideologies. . . .There is no hope left for a civilization when the masses favour harmful policies.[1]

I have a great distaste for the policies and practices of the Australian government of Julia Gillard today. But whatever we may think of her, she still reflects the values of a substantial proportion of the electorate, who essentially concur with her. The minority Labor government today, holds 72 seats out of 150 in the Parliament: just short of a majority.

But let’s get a bit more personal. How many ministers of the gospel advocated voting for her last election? How many advocated to their congregations that they vote the other way? How many ministers didn’t advocate anything? I believe ministers’ advocacy (or lack of it) may very well be reflected in the numbers we now see in the Parliament.

Your prophets have seen for you false and foolish visions; and they have not exposed your iniquity so as to restore you from captivity… (Lam.2:14).         

Yes, socialism is an economic, political and social disaster for any nation, but not too many ministers seem to believe that. 20%? But what’s evident from history is that nations in decline (such as the nations of France and Russia before their respective revolutions, in 1789 and 1917) have something in common: a church in decline.

The US writer, Gary Demar, recently wrote:

While President Obama is a bad political leader, there are tens of millions of people who want to give him four more years. The United States of America is in bad shape, not so much because of Obama, but because of the people.[2]

Realistically, we don’t really have a political problem in our nations at all. Parliaments are at work around the world. We have deep spiritual problems of sin, rooted first of all in the church, and in what it believes. This spiritual problem manifests all over the place in the nation, including politics.

So what’s the point of treating a patient with constant headaches with headache tablets, when he has a brain tumour?

After the disaster in the Garden, Adam and Eve avoided responsibility. Adam blame-shifted, and had the hide to blame the woman, and God for his mistakes: “the woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me from the tree, and I ate” (Gen.3:12).

But God wants His people to show humility, responsibility and accountability for the state of the nations. It’s time to stop blaming the devil, the Anti-Christ, politicians, or anyone else. What Adam refused to do, we must do. Any complaints that “It’s all those wicked politicians!” won’t cut the mustard with Him.

When the church changes its attitudes, and is prepared to start picking up the pieces of the mess we have contributed to, the nations of the world will follow suit. That’s what we’re here for. But till then there will be God-inflicted pain, and that should bring us to repentance, for it’s been our fault.

[1] Mises, L., “Omnipotent Government,” p.120.

[2] Gary Demar, ‘Can America Survive if President Obama is Re-Elected?’ “Political Outcast,” 26/10/2012.