Book Review: “Guns, Crime and Freedom” (IV)

By Wayne LaPierre, 1994

Reviewed by Andrew McColl, 13/1/2015

  1. It is estimated that in New York city alone, some thirteen thousand convicted killers are on parole on any given day. A quarter of the criminals who kill police are on probation or parole. In any given year, twenty or more police officers will pay with their lives for the criminal system’s leniency towards convicted felons (p.124).

Much has to change before New York and cities like it become safe places. Firstly, the city will need to start executing murderers. Secondly, law-abiding citizens will need to have access to firearms, including concealable handguns. This will deter former criminals from going back to crime, and they will shoot and kill or arrest criminals. The price of crime needs to rise steeply for criminals for crime rates will drop significantly. This is precisely what happened in Kennesaw.

One academic has shown the historical background to this. Professor Joyce Lee Malcolm, in her book “Guns and Violence; The English Experience” (2002). David Gordon summarised her findings in the Mises Review:

She proceeds by a learned study of violent crime in England, from the Middle Ages to the present. In her survey, a constant theme emerges. As guns became more prevalent, violent crime decreased. This trend culminated in the nineteenth century, when death by murder was rare but guns were widespread. The seizure of guns during the twentieth century has been accompanied by a marked increase in violent crime. At present some types of violent crime are more common in England than in America. As usual, the statists have their facts exactly backward.

  1. Of special note is Switzerland, which has a higher rate of firearms possession than the United States. It was the only European country that the Germans were afraid to invade in both world wars, knowing as they did that every man was armed. The armed Swiss have never been victimised by anyone (p.170).

The Swiss strategy of an armed militia, and their attitude towards firearms has worked for that nation for hundreds of years. Despite the Swiss having a northern border with Germany, the Germans avoided invading Switzerland in either 1914 or 1939. Yet they attacked the Russians in 1941, who were known to have some 200 divisions!

The Germans knew the Swiss would be well prepared for a German invasion. That meant a militia numbering hundreds of thousands that could be called out at a few hour’s notice, along with Swiss bridges, tunnels and roads already prepared for demolition in the event of an invasion. The Swiss had been very thorough in their defence preparation.

  1. Nearly one-third of all women murdered in America are murdered by either their husbands, boy-friends, or former companions, and of this number, as many as 90 percent were stalked prior to being murdered (p.235).

Restrictive gun laws really do endanger the lives of innocent people, because they may be unable to adequately protect themselves as they wish from criminals. It is foolish to deny what history shows us about human nature. Hoping for the best is fine, but it is not as practical as being able to prepare for the worst. For some people, being unable to obtain a gun to protect themselves has meant they’ve been murdered.

In January 2013, Mrs. Herman grabbed her kids and hid in the attic of her home as an intruder pushed through the front door of the house and eventually began trying to come through the door to the attic. Huddled behind that door with her children, Mrs. Herman unloaded a .38 Special revolver on the intruder, ending the attack.[1]

In a free society, anyone who wants a firearm for self-protection (including a concealable handgun), must be able to procur one quickly and easily. If they don’t, they may be killed.


Communities around the world will continue to suffer abuse, until they successfully pressure their governments to permit law-abiding citizens to own and use whatever firearms they want, including concealable weapons. It is a fundamental aspect of community freedom and safety.




[1] AWR Hawkins, “Gun Control is a Real War on Women,”  “AmmoLand,” 16/8/2013.