Australian Commentary (34) – Tony Abbott and the Liberals

You don’t need a degree in Political Science to know that Tony Abbott isn’t travelling well as PM. I have a little sympathy for him, but this fact is true: a big part of success in life, is being able to deal successfully with your personal problems.

Tony’s been in politics long enough to know it’s a tough game, not for the faint-hearted. And as PM, failure is very, very public. In that job, you simply can’t afford to make yourself captive to unreal ideas and misplaced loyalties that are soon going to become an albatrosses around your neck, and that’s what his relationship with Peta Credlin has become. Despite him being seriously warned by the back-benchers recently in the near spill for the leadership, he’ll keep her on and stay close to her. Well, the only thing worse than Dumb, is Dumber.

If Casey Jones can’t keep the steam in the train’s boiler, it’s time to get off the engine, and go back with the disillusioned passengers. Tony has led the Liberals with a fair amount of success for 5 years, but when any leader looks like he’s clutching at straws, you start thinking his days are numbered.

A replacement?

For any job, I think you should always look for someone who has some track form to commend themselves. The people who scan the Form-Guides for horse races do it for a reason. And the question is: has anybody done anything of any worth, since the Coalition got in, 18 months ago?

I can think of only one: Scott Morrison. He appears to have sorted out the Immigration portfolio, and when he got the Social Security portfolio, he got straight in and within a few weeks, had identified a massive problem in the area of duplication. That could save the tax-payer billions.

What was the previous Minister, Kevin Andrews, doing all the time he was the Minister? Did you stumble across anything, Kevin? Who knows.

What of the elephant in the room, Malcolm Turnbull?

Too ambitious for his own good, and hardly a team player. His problem (or one of them, in my opinion) is that It’s All About Me. Furthermore, if you wanted a conservative political leader, why would you bother with someone who had difficulty deciding which party to choose: Liberal or Labor? Is it any wonder the National Party don’t want him?

Australians don’t really identify with their leader being a multi-millionaire; there’s too much corned beef and carrots in most of us. Clearly, he’s not in it for the money, but for other reasons. That was a part of the problem John Hewson had 22 years ago. Furthermore, Turnbull is way too close to the ABC, an institution that should be sold off to the private sector. We’ve never needed its propaganda, and we could do with a Liberal leader who has enough conservative ideology in his bones to ditch it, but those types who actually possess an ideology, and are prepared to articulate it are as scarce as hen’s teeth.


If Tony Abbott goes, I hope the Liberals look for a long-term leader, not just the one who is telling everyone he’s ready to go. Morrison does have runs on the board. He looks better than most.