Book Review: “The Covenantal Structure of Christian Economics” (Gary North, 2014) Part 9

by Andrew McColl, 7/4/2015
Productivity is mandated by God. Men must be productive, because this is part of the dominion covenant. One of the greatest errors of all humanistic economic theory is to regard. Specific kinds of labor must be paid for, but labor as such is basic to man. The built-in preference of man is to labor, to be productive. This is why children imitate their parents’ work. Leisure is not man’s default preference. Production is. It is part of the nature of man, because it was God’s original design for man. We hear this phrase: “I would do this for free if I had to.” This is not economically irrational. Labor is cursed, because man  rebelled. But leisure is also cursed (p.68).

The implicit lesson of the Parable of the Talents (Mat.25:14—30), is that God expects a return on His investment in us. Talents are to be used. They are not to be buried in the ground. Productivity when utilised in a manner that serves the market, generally leads to profitability.

There are a number of reasons that the McDonalds chain has been successful worldwide. One of the critical ones is that the managers quickly learned that listening to and serving the consumer is the key to success.

The food served in Australia in McDonalds is similar, but not the same as in the U.S. Why?  The market is different.  This means that knowledge is important. The supplier has to know what the consumer wants, and he’s better take the time or money to find out, or risk going out of business.