Book Review: “The Covenantal Structure of Christian Economics” (Gary North, 2014) Part 18

by Andrew McColl, 16/6/2015

  1. The amillennialist necessarily argues as follows. “The promise of the Second Commandment is hypothetical. It is an ideal. It is not connected to historical reality. It never has been. It never will be. Bible prophecy teaches this. History reveals that the blessings of God are showered on covenant-breakers, who down through the ages keep and extend the kingdom of man, which is the kingdom of Satan. God visits the iniquity of the fathers upon the third and fourth generation of those who hate him, and then He rewards this iniquity. The kingdom of man in culture will not be replaced by the kingdom of God. It is in fact a sin for covenant-keepers to pursue the creation of a Christian civilization. It is triumphalism. It is Constantinianism politically.

God shows lovingkindness to covenant-keepers by placing them at the mercy—the tender mercy—of covenant-breakers. So, the correct way of interpreting the Second Commandment’s historical manifestations of blessings and cursings is to reverse the cultural positions of covenant-breakers—thousands of generations of cultural victory—and covenant-keepers: three or four generations of cultural victory, and then defeat through replacement of the confession. Or, putting this in the words of the Brooklyn Dodgers’ baseball manager Leo

Durocher, ‘Nice guys finish last.’” (p.255-256).

I am amazed at how easily the church has glibly accepted theological and eschatological pessimism. The process began in 1830, and gradually has almost overwhelmed the church since then, especially in the last two generations.

I recently had a conversation with a friend, who has read something of post-millennial teaching through reading something I passed on to him, but said to me, “It won’t work. Revelation makes it clear about the anti-Christ. We may want to see reform take place in the church and the world, but it won’t make any difference.”

How easy was that? He’s walked off the battlefield, and hasn’t even fired a shot. And he has a wife and six children, all influenced by what he believes. That’s how effective this program of cultural indoctrination has been, all taught and believed by foolish Christians who believed something that wasn’t in the Bible. It’s time it was refuted and rejected.