Taking Instruction from I Samuel (IV)

The magnitude of this wealth redistribution scheme will be exposed in the Great Default. We don’t know when it’s coming, we only know that it inevitably will come. It is a statistical inevitability. Families across the nation will be devastated when the federal money stops coming in. They will go looking for welfare, and they are not going to find it. Then the question is this: what are they going to do for a living?

These people have spent their lives on the government dole, thinking that they had real jobs. These are not real jobs. They are jobs that exist only because of the modern welfare state. The welfare state, like a leech on some animal, is bleeding the host dry. The federal government cannot collect taxes anywhere near what is necessary to continue the funding of its welfare programs on a continual basis. It is all being done by massive debt. The federal deficit is the leech; the private sector is the host.[1]

Samuel as a prophet warned Israel in I Samuel 8: the king they so wanted to anoint as their military and political leader would be a taker. They would find that the centralised national government they were seeking would deprive them of many, many things: their children, their money and property, and their liberty, and innocent people would lose their lives.

But Israel didn’t care what God’s prophet told them. They said,

No, but there shall be a king over us, that we also may be like all the nations, that our king may judge us and go out before us and fight our battles (I Sam.8:19-20).

The West today has been like Israel; perhaps worse so. It has wanted Messianic government whilst rejecting the true Messiah, and it’s got it, with all the associated complications and troubles that logically and naturally eventuate when people make the State their Messiah, not God. Now, the birds are about to come home to roost. Soon, all the weak props that have held the creaking edifice together will fail; the sowing and reaping will be complete.

So, the Welfare State that the West has wanted will soon come apart at the seams, overcome with debts and broken promises, and millions of people who resolutely put their hopes in the promises of politicians rather than trust in God, will find themselves going hungry. That will certainly be painful for them, but a necessary experience nonetheless. For this is clear:

Trusting souls always get hurt.

Disillusionment is painful but necessary, when people have believed things that are not true. In the long-term, it is good for people to face the inevitable and painful consequences of making poor choices, for it warns them to make wise, godly ones; putting their trust in God, not in some Messiah State to provide for them.

This is why it is important to take all possible steps to be financially independent, and to take every possible step to secure your employment. It’s one thing to be on the Titanic. It’s quite another to be sitting glibly in your cabin with the door locked, wondering why the ship seems to have taken on a rather strange incline, and then to see water going past your porthole.


Everything that Samuel predicted for Israel came about; God showed him. And everything about that scenario in 1,500 B.C., is directly relevant today, in all of the West. For what cannot continue, won’t.

But this is the question. Will Christians be ready for something like that, or will we be as unprepared as everybody else, like stunned mullets? This is the time to prepare.

Will you?

[1] Gary North, “Jobs that Barely Pay are Holding up the Official Statistics,” (www.garynorth.com), 8/6/2015.