Making the World Unsafe for Evil

By Geoffrey Bodkin, (www.westernconservatory of arts and sciences), 9/6/2015

Europe has a problem. She doesn’t know how to discuss or resolve the accelerating Islamic threat. Fast-growing Muslim populations in her cities and towns are getting more vocal in hate-filled calls for holy Jihad in Europe. Jihad in Europe will mean the end of Europe as history knows Europe. Two primary European factions are trying to reason-out the future. To be more precise, one faction is trying to reason it out and the other, the “Appeasement Wing,” insists that there is no challenge to discuss, no problem to solve, no dangers to face, no policies to make, no future to worry about.

Therein lies the difficulty. It’s hard to reason with denial.

How should Europe be thinking about this danger? Thankfully, one recent event placed new information on the table for discussion. In Copenhagen on May 5th, European military personnel were briefed about a democratically elected government that started, then finished, the discussion on the Islamic State. The government of Nigeria concluded it would not play games of denial with Jihad while their people were being threatened, slaughtered, raped, and humiliated. 1 The executive branch made a policy decision to end the indecision and to act. Their policy was to eliminate the Jihadists who threaten and then commit capital crimes. Nigeria targeted the hard targets. They went after Muslim jihadists. As they fought the insurgents militarily, and killed them, they have significantly weakened one of the world’s most bloody Islamic states, Boko Haram.2

This is a highly significant news story. It only took a matter of weeks to put the Muslim leaders on the defensive, then on the run, and then in their graves. Not all the jihadists are dead, and those who fled into hiding are reemerging to commit more, desperate bombing attacks on soft targets: women and children. But they don’t have long to live because Nigeria has found the courage to deal with3 the violent crimes of Islamic jihad.4

The Nigerian government targeted determined jihadists and changed the course of 21st century history. Their military tactics were brilliant, but the lesson for Europe is a little more complicated than effective military tactics.

Africa Knows About Evil

The African saying, “Nobody cares about Africa,” is based on hard and disappointing experience. Since WWII, Europe and America have cared little about the condition of former African colonies, some of which were partially Christianized in the 19th century. Since gaining independence in the 1960s, most African nations have suffered under revolving conflicts with corrupt militant communism, corrupt militant tribalism, corrupt militant witchcraft, corrupt militant United Nations interference, and corrupt militant Islam. This time last year, northeastern Nigeria was experiencing the highest number of Islamic terrorist killings in the world. Over the previous year, 3,477 were killed in 146 attacks.5 But how many Westerners know this? Last year, a regional governor from the hard-hit capitol city of Maiduguri said of the Islamists responsible, “Boko Haram are better armed and are better motivated than our own troops. Given the present state of affairs, it is absolutely impossible for us to defeat Boko Haram.”

Boko Haram was on a roll. They were invincible and everyone knew it. Here was an upstart of an Islamic state, in competition with ISIS to be the world caliphate6 doing all that it could to be more faithfully Islamic than any other group. Boko Haram boasted the widest rivers of blood, the most childish taunts, the most Islamic web site, and the most descriptive name of them all. The words “Boko Haram” are said to connote “Bible Forbidden.” This criminal cartel declares on their web site to be in all-out holy Jihad against Christianity. Other translations of their name suggest “No Christian discipleship,” “Western education forbidden,” “Western education sinful,” or “no Western legacy. 7” To that jihadist end, the bloodthirsty Muslim men of Boko Haram have murdered8 thousands of Christians in the city of Maiduguri, destroyed the economy of NE Nigeria, displaced more than one million people and orphaned countless children. In their wild campaign to terrorize and subdue Africa they have kidnapped more than 2,000 young women and children9 for the slave trade, for sexual humiliation, and/or to be used as bomb10 couriers.11

In its infancy six years ago, the atrocities of Boko Haram aroused the enthusiastic support of Muslims worldwide, just as ISIS atrocities have served to recruit12 more than 30,000 Muslims from outside the Middle East to join the ranks of ISIS for their fair share of jihadist blood, female flesh and war booty. 13 Boko Haram was also faithful to the Hadith of Muhammad, and this is what drew zealous recruits into their Islamic African ranks. Boko Haram was helped in these zealous missionary efforts by an influx of cash from Osama Bin Laden in the early 2000s, and an influx of cutthroats from a massive Nigerian prison break. In wild ambushes, they intimidated or killed army units and collected an arsenal of modern weapons. The current leader Abubakar Shekau inspired yet more recruits from the Boko web site with video rants and Islamic sermons. In between his justifications for taking female slaves and killing moderate Muslims, here is a sampling of his public theology:

“I know my religion well and am not illiterate,” he boasts. “I call on all my brethren wherever you are, to rise and take up arms and start killing. Killings, killings, killings! Now our religion is killings, killings, killings!”

“By Allah, I will slaughter you. I’m not happy if I don’t slit your throats. I’ll slaughter you, I’ll slaughter you, I’ll slaughter you! Allah said I should kill you wherever I see you. I call this speech Black Book. I call on all my brethren wherever you are, to rise and take up arms! My brethren wherever you are, in Abuja, Lagos, or the south, wherever you are, commence attacks. Even as an individual, take up your sabre and slaughter anyone in his sleep you come across. My brethren, take up knives and start slaughtering people. Just pick up your knife and break into homes and kill.”

This is, in fact, what Boko Haram was doing in Maiduguri. Senseless, indiscriminate murder, torture and terror. This is where the story gets interesting. In 2014, a group of young Christian men in the city began thinking realistically about the future of their nation, and the world. They realized, without denial, that their own deaths were imminent if they didn’t somehow resist. One young man, Abba Sadiq, explained the dilemma to the UN. “The community was afraid,” he said. “If you opened your mouth against Boko Haram, that night they would kill you. But [the] youth are tired of it. God lifted us up.”

Sadiq’s point is that God gave uncommon courage to a group of young men to attempt what the governor said was impossible: to challenge and defeat Boko Haram in Maidiguri, the headquarters of their Islamic state. 14 The population was pushing two million, and the CIA estimated that the Islamic unit had fielded 9,000 murderers and kidnappers.15

Sadiq and his friends wanted to end the injustice because it was not only deadly, it was wrong. They wanted to stop Boko Haram because the torture, rape, terror and slaughter was evil. These young men called it evil, and they called it unjust. Then they organized the Youth Association for Peace and Justice and started collecting whatever could be used as weaponry. The most common tools of justice were sticks, axes, shovels, some old pickup trucks and 19th-century single-shot rifles. They planned an organized resistance, comprised not just of other youth, but of grannies and widows and anyone who could hold something sharp. They made a strategy to clean out the city borough by borough. Then they went on the offensive, purposefully surrounding, trapping and capturing the killers, turning them over to the military for execution. The jihadists came to fear these young men and were driven out of the city.

They Cleaned Up The Town

Sadiq reported, “No matter [Boko Haram attacks] with a gun, we will pursue. For now there are no Boko Haram in Maiduguri.” Last August the United Nations confirmed16 that all 14 wards of Maiduguri were free of the terror organization.

The youth of Maiduguri accomplished something that is rare in 1400 years of repetitious Islamic onslaught. It is very hard to stop Jihad in its tracks. “The Boys,” as they are called, saw accurately what the culture of injustice looked like and they resisted, then conquered, then expelled the killers. They targeted evil, and their targets were not soft targets. The Boko Haram killers were ruthless slaves of bloodlust who took perverse pleasure in inflicting the maximum amount of pain in their victims. The actions of the Youth Association for Peace and Justice so motivated Nigeria’s president that he brought in reinforcements to continue the pursuit of Boko Haram into the forest.

One foreign military advisor was Eeben Barlow, the aged African military veteran who later briefed the Danish military in Copenhagen on the tactics of relentless pursuit that broke Boko Haram organizationally. 17

“Troops need to develop their aggression level to such a point that the enemy fears them,” Barlow wrote on his website. 18 On the Nigerian field of victory, weapons and tactics were not the determining factor. Muslims don’t fear weapons, and they don’t fear martyrdom. But they do fear aggressive courage and moral strength. In this conflict against Islam, the momentum of victory over evil began with the recognition that evil is unjust, harmful and wrong. It must be stopped aggressively. This moral clarity was the foundation for the moral courage that sustained the young Christians even when they lost their friends in the fighting. The moral resolve in the young men spread to the other segments of the city, and then to the national executive, who articulated a clear policy: destroy the enemy because he must not be merely stopped, but aggressively destroyed. This was the conviction of the Nigerians that grew to maturity in April of 2015: evil is wrong, and it must be pursued relentlessly until it is destroyed.

Nigeria accomplished its objective without UN Peacekeepers or US smart bombs. Their moral resolve served them like it was a secret weapon. In short, Nigeria stopped playing games with Islam19 and stopped yielding to Sharia’s practices of intimidation. What can indecisive Europe learn from this historic development?

Note to Europe’s Appeasement Wing:

Total passivity is not the way to peace with Islam. Conciliation makes the situation worse because it signals that you have voluntarily accepted the terms of Sharia law, which requires that you succumb to active, ongoing daily intimidation and humiliation. Your weakness angers and provokes the average Muslim, who is already disgusted with the cowardice, gullibility, and decadence of a corrupt Western culture. Selfish, servile and cowardly responses to Islam arouses yet more hatred and disdain. Europeans who remain willfully ignorant of Islamic doctrine are a living insult to Muslims. It is offensive to Muslims when falsehoods are repeated, like, “The Islamic State is not really Islamic.” The Ayatollah Khomeini put it this way: “Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those are witless.”

Therefore, Muslims reason, why shouldn’t such a witless, infantile Europe be enslaved, humiliated and removed from the face of the earth?

Suggestion for the Appeasement Wing: Take a more honest look at evil, as Nigeria has done. Don’t turn Islam into a privileged cult. Serious Islamists are not “extremists.” They are faithful caliphists. They will do what Muhammad demonstrated and what the Caliph commands. They are in fact too cowardly to resist the popular actions of their more zealous peers. This makes them all future fighters for the House of Islam by being active in the House of War. They are devotees of a genocidal political order that must eliminate, militarily, every other culture, law system and government. This is why it is difficult to find a Muslim who does not favor Sharia law over other law systems. 20 The Doctrine of Taqiyya permits Muslims to move into Christian nations and deceive infidel neighbors with peaceful words until it is time to strike their hosts with terror, enslavement, strategic sexual violence, looting, and the complete destruction of the host nation’s culture through Sharia Law.

In terms of regional governments, Muslims are seditious enemies. Cultural destruction has always been part of the genetic makeup of Islam. All faithful Muslims are faithful enemies of Western law, Western order and Western civilization. Now that a Caliph is in place, tens of thousands are responding to the call to resort to military might to attain their 1400-year-old global objectives.

Nigeria showed the courage to admit the obvious: enemies must be destroyed as an operational threat. Many Muslim recruits are thugs who firmly believe murder and rape are religious duties. They relish these duties. This is evil. Evil must be resisted and stopped. Democratically-elected governments can bring about stability and conflict resolution through the relentless pursuit of this guilty enemy by running him to ground, exhausting him, and then killing him with overwhelming firepower.

It may sound extreme to discuss the elimination and extermination of militant Islam. But both Barack Obama and Henry Kissinger have floated the concept in reference to the powerful Caliph who is revered by ISIS and by Muslims the world over. Kissinger recommended striking this Caliph and eliminating him. Obama said ISIS, the Caliph’s base of world conquest, must be “degraded and destroyed.” This is exactly what Nigeria is presently doing with the Islamic state of Boko Haram. Nigeria has proven that evil is a stoppable force.

Today, in the villages around Maiduguri, the weak, the starving, and the innocent are cheering because Nigeria is making the nation unsafe for evil. Is it possible that Europe and its current military command may learn from Nigerian decisiveness? Earlier today in Elmau, Germany, at the G7 meeting, France and Germany pledged military support21 to Nigeria’s new president to help him finish Boko Haram.

  1. G7 is a forum of seven industrialized nations: the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan. They meet annually to deliberate on global economy, governance, international security and energy policy.