Good on you Jarryd!

Jarryd Hayne is on the verge of making it into the big-time of US football: the NFL.

What’s so important about that? He’s a 27 year old Australian, a product of the ARL (the Australian Rugby League), and a member of the great 2014 NSW team that broke the dominance of Queensland, in the State of Origin Series.

But there’s more about Haynes that’s important. He’s a Christian. He wants to serve God, in football.

jarryd hayne

Will Swanton from “The Australian” comments:

Jarryd Hayne in action against the Dallas Cowboys on Monday in his second trial match.

This is why it’s happening. This is why no other NRL player would make it. These are the attributes that make Jarryd Hayne unique. You reckon rugby league is filled with blokes who could crack the NFL? You think wrong. Hayne is the perfect storm.

There’s two-fold faith. There’s the unshakable self-confidence in the catch-and-run skills. The trusting of his decision-making instincts. There’s the burning Christian faith that will make a few eyes roll when he inevitably brings it up. He’s a Hillsong devotee. He believes the sky is the limit in this lifetime. The voice telling him that anything is possible … Hayne believes this is a voice worth listening to. Whether you think Christianity is hocus pocus or the road to everlasting fulfilment, it is intrinsic to the Hayne story. He believes in his own force. He believes in a higher force.[1]

He believes he’s been blessed with an abundance of sporting gifts. He doesn’t think it guarantees success. He doesn’t suppose God opened up the Dallas Cowboys’ defence like the parting of the Red Sea. Hayne thinks his skills are his to use or waste. The crusade is a cocktail of palms, psalms, head and heart. He feels obliged to make the most of them all.

Yes, I like Rugby League. Yes, I like it when Christians make it to the top of their chosen field of employment, it doesn’t go to their head, and they haven’t made a mess of it.

Should he succeed, he will have the opportunity to become a spokesman, and there is great potential in that.

Go for it, Jarryd!



[1]  ‘The Key Attributes that make Jarryd Hayne Ideally suited to NFL,’ “The Australian,” 26/8/2015