Edging Away from Egypt (XI)

Hear, O sons, the instruction of a father, and give attention that you may gain understanding, for I give you sound teaching; do not abandon my instruction (Prov.4:1-2).

The Bible never tells us that there is a concluding date for education. Rather, we really ought to continue being educated till we die. Parents should never think, “My children’s education is finished now, because they are off at work. My job’s over.”

Explaining to a 13 year old that “Socialism is wrong,” is a good start. But why is it wrong?

Knowing why is extremely important, because,

The man who knows how will always be at the mercy of the man who knows why.

Socialism is unbiblical, morally evil and destructive, for this reason: the focus of responsibility shifts from the individual, the family and the church, to the State. The State thus makes decisions, and the individual, the family and the church have to go along with it, regardless.

Invariably, this has important and frightening consequences. But if parents are truly responsible in law for the education of their children, that means the state has no role, and thus has no responsibility to provide any funding or legal framework for education. Thus the State is shut out.

Are individuals, families or churches perfect? We all know that they are not. But the twentieth century (and now the 21st century) should tell us this much. The State has a destructive capacity, that’s unparalleled by all other institutions combined.

And this is not merely theoretical. Over 150 million people died at the hands of socialist, dictatorial governments in the twentieth century. Forget about the wars. It’s their own people that the socialists invariably declare war on.

When Hitler (a socialist) said of German parents, “Your child belongs to us,[1]” he meant it, literally. Thus it was of no concern to him to send German soldiers to the Eastern front in 1943. So what if they were blown to pieces?

He’d never known or married their mother, felt them when they were a bump in their mother’s womb, been present for their birth, fed them, put them to bed or changed their nappies, or heard their first word. They were disposable for his purpose, alone. And they were disposed of-sent to their slaughter.

Is it any different today?

Not for the 90,000 Australian babies who are aborted each year, with State and Federal government sanction.

It’s we Christians who have to understand this, so that we act and vote accordingly. Every piece of legislation that further extends the hand of government over the lives of individuals and families, we should oppose. All legislation that lessons the power of government, we should support, because it’s from governments that the church and the community for 2,000 years has consistently faced the greatest threat.

But we must also remember this: you can’t replace something with nothing. We may rail against socialism till the cows come home, but that railing will be utterly ineffective, while ever individuals, families and the church are not coming up with Biblical, viable alternatives, that actually work.

We need a generation of people who are grounded religiously, philosophically, morally, and emotionally to replacing the existing system when it goes belly-up. Only a handful of people are ever willing to do this (Gary North).

Public education (so close to the socialist’s heart) has to be replaced.

With what? Parental responsibility and control of education. Parents need to step up.

Public health has to be replaced with what?

Family responsibility for its members’ health. Someone in the family needs health care? They or their family pays for it.

Public welfare has to be replaced with what?

Individual, family and church responsibility. And those that don’t want to work, shouldn’t eat (II Thess. 3:10). This is fundamental Christian and conservative ideology.

Overnight, this will be impossible. It will probably take decades or even generations to bring about, because we are starting from a knowledge base so close to zero. But this is where parental education of children is so important in beginning the educational process, to permit and encourage change right across the board.

Pastors will not be the source of ideological change…. The change will come from members of the congregation who finally realize that the existing political order is based on a false view of man, a false view of economics, and a false view of power…

My opinion is that somebody with a strong opinion ideologically should work hardest on his own household, to do his best here, so that his children will share his views.[2]

And you thought you didn’t have anything do now?


Parents have the responsibility before God to educate their children. They may seek the help of others to do so, but it is their task before God. It is one of the things they’ll give an account for.

Individuals and families are responsible for their health. It is not a task the Bible gives to the state.

Welfare and the care of the needy, is a task given to the individual, the family and the church.

As we progressively take the responsibility to fulfil these obligations, God will progressively give us power. Are you ready for that?




[1] Hitler, Nov.6, 1933, quoted in William Shirer, “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,” 1968, p.343.

[2] Gary North, 2012.