The End of the Messianic State (IV)

Democracy is all about the right to veto the state. When it becomes a means of empowering the state for the purposes of wealth redistribution, it becomes perverse. It imitates the serpent’s temptation: “Take it. It’s yours.”[1]

Anyone wishing to see Biblical reform, has to consider this question. What are the Biblical institutions, and how do we go about seeing them strengthened in our society?

The Bible teaches the validity of the family, the church and the State. The symbols of these in scripture are the rod (Prov.22:15), the keys (Mat.16:18-19) and the sword (Ro.13:1-4).

One of the primary roles of the church at all times, is to teach. So, the church must teach on these very subjects, explaining what are the Biblical actions that need to take place, if we really want to see the restoration of a godly society. If the church does not boldly and fearlessly teach, who will?

The family, the church and the State should be authoritative institutions, working in their particular sphere. They are not to get out of their sphere, for this causes confusion and tyranny. When these institutions operate Biblically, there will be great social peace and stability.

If these are to be the authoritative institutions that form the base of a godly, lasting community, then it is important that over time, the voters require that other institutions that have been created on the basis of humanistic and ungodly belief, are progressively removed from society. There are a lot of these in Western nations today, which are a huge drain on the taxpayer and which detrimentally impact social freedoms, and so his is a generational task. Perhaps the most important of these are the Departments of Education, Health and Welfare.

You didn’t think this was the case? Try homeschooling in Germany. The laws affecting homeschooling there haven’t been changed since 1938, when Hitler was in power. He was the one who declared,

Your child belongs to us.

When the church takes the Bible seriously again, it will acknowledge that Education, Health and Welfare are the responsibility in scripture of the individual, the family and the church. They are not a responsibility of the State. But this does not mean they can be removed overnight. It does mean that over time, as the church picks up its responsibilities again and gains credibility, and as a Christian world view becomes progressively acknowledged in a community, there will be willingness and scope for institutions such as these three, to be taken down.

The State does have a function. It is to maintain justice, to apprehend and deal with evil-doers, according to what the Bible requires. Why did Adam and Eve not execute Cain for murdering Abel? Not just because Cain was younger and possibly stronger, but because he was their son. It wasn’t their God appointed task. Families are to have children, not kill them. The rod (ie, discipline) is the family’s symbol, not the sword.

This is the nature of Christian reconstruction. Christians must consider every institution in the light of scripture, so that it can be dealt with accordingly. It does not mean the destruction of every institution, for that would be anarchy. It does mean confirming the role of the family, the church and the State, and explaining and ensuring how they must function and stay in their particular sphere, only. That is one of the conditions of true liberty.

What is required?

Christian teaching, and our works of faithfulness and obedience to God’s Word throughout the community, over time. And that means much, much change, as quickly (or as slowly) as the community can accept it. We cannot replace something with nothing.

Now is the time for the long process of reconstruction to begin.  Ready to roll your sleeves up?



[1] Gary North (, “My Twin Moments of Truth will Soon Begin,” 16/3/2016.