The End of the Messianic State (X)

It is futile to rail against statism if we have no alternative to the state assumption of social responsibilities (Rousas Rushdoony).

Make no mistake: the world did not get to its present state by accident, but by a long progression century after century, generation by generation, of unscriptural choices amongst God’s people. And these choices have had dire consequences, firstly for the church, and second, for society.

Consider the nations of the world today. Europe, which has for over a century been essentially a godless continent, is quietly being taken over by Muslims. Europe is beginning to find out what are the consequences of rejecting the God of the Bible.

The nations of the world are almost all in decline, and where the church has been most ineffective, the decline has accelerated. Is the problem really the atheism of politicians and a godless community? No, that is a result. The real problem lies with the church, which has failed in its Biblical mandate to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

The problem is that Christians, having steadily abandoned the law of God for over 300 years now, would prefer the socialism of the Messianic State to Christian social responsibility.

Socialism has filled a void vacated by Christians.[1]

What happened? We said,

Care for all those needy people in the community? Don’t be ridiculous. We’d prefer to sing happy songs in church, maybe hear some comforting preaching by feminised preachers (or females), and put some money in the plate, when we feel like it. But “responsibility?” Really, that’s a bit much to ask.

God takes us at our word. And He Who sees all, holds us accountable for our negligence in relation to His Word. And He surely knows how to bring down the thumb screws, so we feel the pain that results from our disobedience, just as Europe is beginning to feel it today. It surely won’t end there.

This is going to get much, much worse through the next decade. When government bills come due and can’t be paid, because there’s no money to do so, it will be obvious that the Messianic State has failed.

But what then? What solution will we in the church be able to provide for the millions of people who thought they could rely on the government to save them? Will we be just as ideologically bankrupt, then, as now? Or will we go back to scripture now, and find what God requires of us in His Word, and begin to act on it?

Don’t think it can be left too long. When the ship strikes the ice-berg at 22 knots, it’s too late then, to start thinking about how many passengers can fit in the life-boats. We have to begin now, to prepare for far greater levels of community responsibility, all based in scripture. God did not say that Zion would be “…the joy of the whole earth…” (Ps.48:2) for nothing. It will begin with our tithe, along with all the practical, scriptural outworkings of tithing, as a part of personal, Christian and church responsibility.

Who should we care for? Who can we care for, and how will we do it? And why should we?


Make no mistake about it: social funding is a social necessity. It will either be done by an irresponsible and godless state, or it will be done by godly men, who, through Biblically grounded administration and godly wisdom, will further social order, true churches, Christian education, and a society flourishing in liberty under God.[2]

God has His way of disciplining His people the church, and one of these is economics. The goal of that discipline is that we change our attitude, accept what the Bible says about our obligations in the world, and begin to act accordingly. Of course the task is massive, but the rewards in the long-term, will truly be out of this world.

It’s time to get ready but to work and serve. And God’s promise remains the same: “If you consent and obey, you will eat the best of the land” (Isa.1:19).

Will we keep our heads in the sand, or be faithful, and pursue the promises of God?




[1] Rousas Rushdoony, “Tithing and Dominion,” 1979, p.5.

[2] Rushdoony, p.5.