The Bible and Welfare (1)

The on-budget federal debt is the elephant in the room. The unfunded liabilities are the Tyrannosaurus Rex in the room. Neither political party will acknowledge the presence of either of these bulky visitors. These visitors have moved in, and they continue to grow.

When the leaders of an entire civilization will not acknowledge the inescapable reality of rising debt, then we can be sure that there will be monumental changes in leadership when the bills come due and the defaults begin.

Academic economists have universally failed to sound an alarm, other than Prof. Laurence Kotlikoff of Boston University. They have remained mute on the sidelines of life. After the crisis has hit, anything they say will be irrelevant. The time to sound the alarm is before the crisis hits, not after.

We are going to go through a time of illegitimate civil government. The illegitimacy of the civil governments of the West will be obvious to the voters. The illegitimacy of the academic establishment will also be obvious to the voters. We are going to see the shaking of the foundations. This is a good thing. The foundations need to be shaken. The massive theft that is involved in federal taxation, federal deficits, and unfunded liabilities must come to a halt if we are to retain our faith in the ethical foundation of economic cause-and-effect.[1]

Nobody enjoys the prospect of pain, but we’d better get used to the idea that pain for the West cannot be far away. Why? Because if things cannot continue, they will certainly come to a halt.

The Householder earning $1,000 a week, who consistently spends $1,100 week after week without other sources of income, will inevitably find themselves in a world of pain.  Can governments be any different?

Fiscal responsibility is simply one manifestation of morality, and an immoral view of what a budget is or should be has become normal for Western governments. So, we are rushing towards the precipice, and those who offer a warning are few and far between.

We in the church have been a part of the problem, because when this began generations ago, the vast majority of us shrugged our shoulders. Now, it’s essential that we understand what this has led to, change our attitude and begin to advocate a godly solution. This won’t be easy, because responsibility after a disaster requires change. This will be arduous, just as a heroin addict has to face up to the pain of change, if he wants to survive.

For we’ve gone along with the idea that governments can provide “free” education, health and welfare, and what foolish, godless presumptions this has been based on; certainly nothing substantiated in scripture. So, governments have been willing their drive a horse and cart over the top of anything that resembles fiscal responsibility, while the church has either been apathetic, or even been in favour of it all.

But God is not mocked; the church has refused to stand on anything like a Biblical position on economics, so it must accept pain from the Almighty, as He brings judgement on our wanton economics in the West, illustrating that godless economics has the same flotation challenges that Grandma’s kitchen sieve has, when its dropped into a bath full of water.

But in this crisis and judgement there is hope, and opportunity for God’s people.

Why an opportunity? Because we can and must humble our hearts, come before God in an attitude of repentance, humility and contrition, and ask Him for His forgiveness for our sinfulness in this matter of welfare. For we in the Western church went along with the blasphemous ideals of the Saviour State, which promised to solve so many problems. But it’s quickly degenerated (as it was always going to) to become the Slavery State.

So what must we do?

We must recognise that Education, Health and Welfare are individual, family and church responsibilities, and the Bible makes this abundantly clear. They are not matters for governments to have anything to do with, despite all their promises. Israel had an initial taste of this with the evil and murderous reign of Saul, which began with an ominous observation from God, to His prophet Samuel:

Listen to the voice of the people in regard to all that they say to you, for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected Me from being king over them (I Sam.8:7).

God then went on to describe to Samuel just how abusive and self-aggrandising this king would be. His description then in 1,000 B.C., sounds remarkably like our governments of the modern era.

North has a good point:

I recommend that you commit yourself to volunteering time and money to one or more organizations that offer people hope, and that follow through with practical recommendations that conceivably can validate this hope.[2]


Biblical faithfulness must be the mark of God’s people, for His word applies to all spheres of life. We must go back to scripture to find His commands and then follow them, as they apply to economics, and all other spheres of human activity. Nothing else will suffice in the day of economic pain and judgement coming upon the West, and the church at the heart of the West.

This is why the church must make radical and vigorous changes in its approach to welfare, or else face further judgement. And that leads to the challenge for all believers: will we be a part of the problem, or a part of the solution?



[1] Gary North (, “Bi-Partisan Fiscal Disaster and Blame-Shifting Politicians,” 17/3/2018.

[2] Gary North (, “The Marketing Problem with All-Optimism or All-Pessimism,” 3/4/2018.