By Dr D. C. Dilsaver (, 10/1/2019

APA’s new Guidelines for Psychological Practice With Boys and Men strive to recognize and address these problems in boys and men while remaining sensitive to the field’s androcentric past. Thirteen years in the making, they draw on more than 40 years of research showing that traditional masculinity is psychologically harmful and that socializing boys to suppress their emotions causes damage that echoes both inwardly and outwardly.

American Psychological Association January 2019, Vol 50, No. 1

The most demonic war in the history of the world is now being waged. It is nothing less than a ubiquitous war of terror, but this terrorism is being spearheaded not by the ancient Islamic archenemy of Christendom but by the very Western nations that were the birthplaces and defenders of the Holy Faith itself. This post-Christian era of terrorism is first and foremost a terror against the family and, as such, a terror against gender and marriage. This war of terror’s weapons are truly those of mass destruction, for they are weapons of the mass-media and a pervasive and perverse political correctness enforced by totalitarian political, judicial, economic, and social policies.

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Destroy the meaning of gender and you destroy the meaningfulness of marriage, for gender is what makes marriage possible. Destroy the meaningfulness of marriage and you destroy the sacrosanct integrity of the family, for it is marriage that both animates and binds the family. Destroy the sacrosanct integrity of the family and you destroy a just, righteous, and sound sociopolitical order, for the sociopolitical order is both made up of the family and properly ordered to the facilitation of the family. Thus marriage and family’s given prerequisite—its first principle—is God-given gender. No wonder in these days of “gender confusion” the condition of marriage, the family, society, and the ecclesial community is in such advanced decay.

The most effective way to destroy the family is to destroy gender distinctions, that is, to promulgate gendercide. Not only does the rejection of gender deal a death blow to marriage and family, which is the basic cell of society and the Church, but it entails the rejection of the most elementary and essential demarcation of the human person as an incarnate being made in God’s image. Rejecting the realities of gender is the final result of rejecting man’s contingent and dependent nature, thus it is the result of rejecting and rebelling against both God and His natural law.

The gendercidal agenda that is being advanced today in the post and now anti-Christic West is no accident. Yes, the perverse popular culture enables the total State, which in turn controls the kowtowing corporations, mind-numbing mass-media, and politically-correct educational (read indoctrination) institutions; all of which combine in an orchestrated death-blow against the family.

But be certain, the conductor of this hellish campaign is no other than the Evil One himself. Believe in this conspiracy, for it is no theory. Utilizing scientific technology, mass-media thought control, and governmental coercion, the demonically orchestrated campaign against gender, against womanhood and motherhood, against manhood and fatherhood, against the sacrosanct family is furiously accelerating. And make no mistake, it is the State’s perverse moral magisterium–the mental health system of psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, et al.–that continue to spear head this ideological assault on gender and the family.