The Beginnings of Christian Reform (52)

 The Case for an Australian Militia (V)                

                                 The U.S Alliance- Past and Future:

a) The ANZUS alliance was originally defensively oriented, stating that the parties will “consult together whenever in the opinion of any of them the territorial integrity, political independence or security of any of the Parties is threatened in the Pacific.”[1]

b) But Australia’s interpretation of the alliance has drifted. Now it seems to be based on Harold Holt’s subservient commitment in 1966: “all the way with LBJ.”

c) Where the US has gone, Australia has followed, into Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan. These are nations that have never attacked either of us, and where countless innocent civilians have perished in senseless wars.

Americans over-estimate the importance of technical gadgets of war, look upon other governments as inferior, look upon other peoples as inferior, do not understand foreign systems, separate the world into good guys (Americans) and bad guys (whoever doesn’t agree with Americans), refuse to face realities, think that wars can be run like production lines, focus on body counts, kills and statistics, view systems that are different as threats, and on and on. [2]


d) The US Defence Secretary says that “the US will continue to be pre-eminent in Asia” (12/6/2011).

e) But what if the US goes “a bridge too far,” provoking the Chinese through an incident in the South China Sea? The Chinese have 2.2 million soldiers, 1,700 jet fighters, 7,000 tanks and 8 nuclear submarines.

f) “China and the US face ‘a showdown or some kind of confrontation’ unless they change their thinking and outlook,” according to the Dean of the School of International Studies at Beijing University, Wang Jisi.[2]

g) Bill Hayden: “The old world order, with which we have comfortably lived for so long, is unravelling.” [3]

We have two options now, in relation to the U.S. alliance:

1) We plead our innocence concerning the U.S. behaviour saying, “I’ve heard nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing, it’s all too hard.”

2) We end our defence ties with the US, systematically establishing our own national defence.


  1. It was Mussolini who coined the phrase, Might is Right.
  2. We know how the U.S. has behaved in the past, and how it continues to behave today: arrogant, belligerent, aggressive and murderous of innocent life around the world.
  3. Politics without morality always ends in tyranny: Think of the Gestapo or the KGB: is the CIA really any better?
  4. Can Australia in all good conscience, continue to be an ally of the U.S., when our knowledge of her immoral and unconscionable behaviour means as an ally we are complicit in her deeds, and associated with her in the eyes of the world?
  5. For the sake of a cut-price defence, Australia has overlooked certain aspects of U.S. foreign policy. For national defence we have tacitly accepted the foolish assumption that “the end justifies the means.”
  6. The ANZUS alliance must be ended. This is a moral, economic and defence necessity we must face up to. Like every other nation, Australia must finally grasp the nettle and take responsibility for its own defence. This will require the establishment of an Australian militia.



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