The Beginnings of Christian Reform (53)

The Case for an Australian Militia (VI)

  1. The Background:

* The U.S. is both morally corrupt and economically bankrupt, but tries to paper over its problems.

* There is potential for an international military crisis to develop, with significant implications for Australia. eg. U.S. /Iran, North Korea/South Korea, China/India, India/Pakistan, China/Taiwan and US/China. A serious military rebuff for the U.S. in Asia could dramatically heighten tensions in our area.

* We must begin now, to take full responsibility for our defence, in a cost-effective manner.

* A well-developed Australian militia offers an excellent deterrent, and provides a major headache to an invader, almost impossible to overcome.

Step 1:

* The Federal government must frankly acknowledge to the Parliament:

  1. a) The potential for serious instability in our region, threatening Australia.
  2. b) The absolute futility of relying on ANZUS and the U.S. for Australia’s defence.
  3. c) The resultant vulnerability of Australia to a concerted, full-scale invasion.
  4. d) The poor cost effectiveness in the modern era of aircraft-carriers, submarines and large numbers of fighter aircraft.
  5. e) That every nation historically, expects its able-bodied men to be willing to assist in the event of an invasion.
  6. f) The need to steadily develop over time a national defence system, based around an Australian militia.

Step 2:

* The development of an Australian Militia will require an urgent social debate regarding the availability of firearms to civilians in a free society. What is clear is that:

  1. a) “It will be found an unwise and unjust jealousy, to deprive a man of his natural liberty upon a supposition he may abuse it” (Oliver Cromwell, 1649).[1]
  2. b) Gun laws disarm the innocent and the vulnerable, not killers. The strategy of twentieth century dictators (such as Stalin, Hitler and Mao) was always to remove forearms from the community, or restrict firearm ownership, so that dictatorship couldn’t be resisted. An unarmed nation is a defenceless nation.
  3. c) A national defence policy based around a professional army of 30,000 for a nation of 21 million is manifestly inadequate.
  4. d) “The rifle and pistol are equally indispensable… The very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honour with all that’s good.” George Washington.

* This debate should lead to a re-appraisal of our firearm legislation, at State and Federal level.

* The Federal government should plan for the militia’s development, using the Swiss militia’s model. This will require short and long-term planning, along with the support of the grass-roots of the Australian community.


[1] Quoted in Alymer, G., “Rebellion or Revolution?” 1986, p.134.