The Beginnings of Christian Reform (54)


                         The Need for an Australian Militia (VII)

  1. The Short-Term Plan:
  2. a) All of Australia’s State capitals and Darwin are coastal and harbour-based. They are vulnerable to surprise, full-scale seaborne invasions. They should be the initial focus of the short-term plan.
  3. b) The six Australian State capitals and Darwin, have over 14,000,000 inhabitants. Initially, 400,000 men from these cities should be trained for local defence.
  4. c) Distant, isolated capitals (such as Darwin, Perth and Hobart) which are more difficult to reinforce should initially have a higher proportion of militia.

City                      Present Population*                Militia Numbers (short-term)

Darwin                              131,000                                                  10,000

Perth                                1.7 million                                               90,000

Hobart                               217,000                                                  20,000

Brisbane                           2.1 million                                               50,000

Adelaide                           1.2 million                                               40,000

Sydney                              4.7 million                                             100,000

Melbourne                         4.2 million                                              90,000

Total                                  14.2 million                                           400,000

*According to Google

  1. Longer-Term:
  2. a) Army officers should be sent in pairs to live right across the nation, to train the local militia in guerrilla warfare. They become the leaven of the local organisation. The Federal government could on a modest budget, fund the expansion of rifle-ranges and training facilities.
  3. b) The Federal government should encourage the development of the Militia so that it ultimately numbers around 5-10% of the overall population, nation-wide. The standard Australian Army weaponry should be purchased at cost by individuals, with ammunition also available at cost.
  4. c) The 10% proportion could be easily increased to 12-15% in the event of an invasion, by absorbing back into the force a percentage of recent militia members.
  5. d) Complete development of a defensive militia (over 25 years) should lead to the reduction, minimisation and ultimate elimination of the Australian Army as a separate, professional entity.

Conclusion:                                                                                                             * Australia cannot expect that other Asian nations will always be our friends: we should have learnt that in 1941-42.

* “The darkest pages in history are often the most instructive.”[1]

* The Golden Rule of Insurance: Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

*Every nation historically, has expected its able-bodied men to assist in the event of invasion. So should we.

*“To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace.” George Washington.



[1] Gordon Craig, “Germany 1866-1945,” 1980, p,viii.