Corona Virus and the Country’s Future (9)

Boris Johnson is proof positive that British politics is in the tar pits of government deficit spending. But, then again, so is American politics, French politics, and all politics in southern Europe. Only the Germans seem to be able to avoid the lure of welfare state rhetoric. They have a massive welfare state, but at least the government balances the budget. The German government ran a surplus in 2019.

It is clear that Boris Johnson believes that the Conservative Party’s members are as committed to the welfare state as the Labour Party is.

In the English-speaking world, there is no national leader who is openly committed to the principles of limited government, free market economics, and surplus national budgets. There is not one national leader who is publicly committed to paying off his nation’s national debt. There is not one national leader who is committed to a full gold coin standard.

We can be sure of this much: under these conditions, economic growth is going to slow.[1]

Christians have to realise today that the church has been in a downhill spiral, since Darwin and his “Origin of the Species,” in 1859. When it was published, the vast majority of the church was silent, hardly knowing what to do. If we were to set aside the scriptures, it had some ostensible credibility, so the vast majority of the church then, being concerned after all about public credibility, decided to acquiesce and go along with Mr Darwin. That was a big mistake.

Someone once said that

Error’s half-way around the world before truth gets his boots on.

Since that time, we’ve had World War I, Communism, the Great Depression and World War II; in total, five significant events of history, which have all (directly or indirectly) been damaging to the church, along with the community. Both World Wars were preceded by political ineptitude and blunders on a grand scale, and the second ended with two vengeful attacks on militarily insignificant targets with atomic bombs, by a nation that called itself Christian.

Each of these events contained elements of political propaganda, and not merely directed towards a nation’s enemies. Political leaders wanted their own people to believe certain things about what’s taken place in history, but this will only be a portion of the truth, assuming its even the truth at all.

Just now, Julian Assange is on trial in an English court, for publicly revealing what the US government and its army were actually doing in Baghdad.

What were they doing?  Murdering civilians.

Some people, like Hillary Clinton, have wanted him dead, and said so. After all, criminals don’t want their evil deeds publicised around the world. Now, the governments of Great Britain and the US want him locked up for good or dead, and the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, has washed his hands of him, and thinks he should “face the music.” A comforting assurance from a purportedly Christian leader, indeed.

And I should mention the coronavirus. It hasn’t been a disaster, because actually, it’s been pretty much like any other flu virus in terms of its fatality rates. It’s difference has been that it’s been turned into an opportunity for a massive political manipulation internationally, by bureaucrats and political leaders. This has been going on for many months, dominating the news.

The harm that’s been done has had little to do with the virus, at all. It’s been all to do with what has essentially been a fake pseudo campaign of opposition. Suddenly, medical bureaucrats and politician stole the limelight with all manner of lockdowns, and similar oppressions of the public, all with a view of ensuring “public health.” For what?

There was no pandemic in most of the world, but there’s certainly been a manufactured one, and everyone’s supposed to be in fear of it.

We know from scripture (see Jn.11:47-53) that ruthless rulers utilise political expediency to get their way, and we should know there are plenty of expedient political leaders around. Has there ever been a shortage of them?

They rarely let the facts get in the way of a desired goal, but they do all they can to stop those facts ever seeing the light of day. I suspect that they’ve colluded with medical bureaucrats in propagating the notion of a pandemic, then worked out ways to manage this, that give power to both groups.

Naturally, the electorate would have to pick up the tab for all of this, so governments (such as in Australia this week) have shown their utter contempt for the electorate. Governments act as if they were hosts at a five year old’s birthday party, handing out gifts of fizzy drink and lollies. But this big-spending approach will only drive the country way further into debt, limiting economic growth.

Changing this analogy to a more sinister one, the drug dealer hands out more heroin to the pathetic addicts crowding his doorway, even though both parties know this is a foolish, short-term and highly destructive habit to engage in. What will they do when the fix wears off?

Be back there again? And what’s the outcome, long-term?

It’ll be painful, but for now, many people with unlimited goodies available from government, will logically conclude that the government will ever look after them. So why go to work, why be responsible? Why make sacrifices for the future? Why save?


With all this around us, and lies and nonsense labelled as the truth, we would do well to listen to the word of the Lord to Jeremiah. When Jeremiah was struggling to cope with his opposition, and people cursing him, God encouraged him that

…if you extract the precious from the worthless, you will become My spokesman …(Jer.15:19).

It is upsetting having to realise how governments have attempted to deceive the electorate. But Christians should take heart, even in the midst of a so-called “pandemic,” which probably isn’t one at all. There will be in the future, a multitude of opportunities for Christian service. Our faithfulness to God will be appreciated by multitudes, who never understood the nature of what was happening in these days.

And here’s my final question, and challenge: what will you be: a part of the problem, or a part of the solution?

[1] Gary North (, “Spend Brittania! Boris Johnson Morphs into Jeremy Corbyn,” 9/10/2020.

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