Coronavirus and the Country’s Future (11)

Christians should never be complacent about the state of their country. Why?

Because every nation is either moving closer to God, or away from Him. This was Israel’s situation for the 1,500 years from the Exodus, till Jesus came. For about 90% of that period, it was actually moving away from the Lord, finally being handed a terrible judgment in AD 70, by God, via the Romans.

Today, show me a nation that’s moving closer to God? Maybe China is, behind the façade of the Communist government, but the West is going nowhere, fast.

This is why believers ought to be capitalizing on their opportunities to both preach the gospel, and be salt and light in their communities. And that means standing for Christian liberties.

In both Czarist Russia and in pre-Nazi Germany, the church was in an anaemic, compromised and utterly ineffective state. Humanism had made its inroads. The salt and light had essentially gone, and that made those nations ripe for a violent and totalitarian takeover, and that’s what they got. The Lutherans in Germany were a State church, so that Ministers’ wages were paid by the government. How easy was it to control them? In both cases, a weak and silenced church that lacked publicly expressed Biblical convictions, led the way for degenerative and socially destructive revolutions.

Is that what I’m predicting? Well, I hope I’m not.

But look what’s happened with coronavirus? Lockdowns almost everywhere, predicated by a silenced church, which has forgotten the meaning of the term Christian liberty. The politicians have just gone ahead with their social deprivations of the church and the community, and the church has said, “Oh well,” and laid down and taken it.

How easy. If they’d had a bus, they could have driven over us, we were all so silent. I don’t know of an Australian church that has resisted the social restrictions, or even is willing to.

Political leaders know the church is weak, feminized, and a bunch of wimps. They’ve had it confirmed for them in the last eight months.

What will be next? There will be more, because they know they’ll get away with it.

This means we in the church will have to do something a bit radical. We’ll have to grow a backbone, and begin to stand up for the truth, resisting the incursions of government into individual, family, church and community freedoms. We’d better to come to the basic fact, that

Jesus Christ is Lord.

Consequently, scripture should be setting the boundaries for every community, not power-hungry politicians and bureaucrats, intent on forms of social domination.

For this much is clear:

…where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty (II Cor.3:17).

As for the matter of infectious diseases, scripture laid down how to control these, using quarantine. The priesthood was responsible for this, and they had the power to require separation from the community for leprous people (Lev.13:40-46). The difference was that only the people with the disease were to be separated from the community. Everyone else was free to go about their business, how they pleased, and this is how quarantine has been traditionally handled.

But today, we have “social lockdowns” of everyone, over a flu virus. Really? They are simply a means of oppression by power-hungry political leaders and bureaucrats, and they must be resisted by the church. Don’t we have church leaders who are willing to go to gaol for their faith, anymore?

It hasn’t got to stay this way. It mustn’t stay this way. It’s time for the remnant of God’s people to arise, and make their case for change.

God’s always had a remnant. In the case of the children of Israel after they’d left Egypt, it was two men out of 603,000: Joshua and Caleb. They essentially said,

God’s promised us the land, and we’ve seen it. It’s waiting for us. Let’s go in and inherit it!

They were shouted down, nearly stoned, then ignored. But when all those that opposed them had died, Joshua and Caleb did go in.

Unfortunately, the church’s response to the coronavirus has been neither faithful nor fruitful. When David came up the battlefield with supplies from their father, he discovered the truth. They’d been inactive and afraid, which are not the characteristics of winning soldiers, and his brother Eliab didn’t appreciate his confident attitude. He responded to David,

Why have you come down? And with whom have you left those few sheep in the wilderness? I know your insolence and the wickedness of your heart… (I Sam.17:28).

This may well be the response of most of Christendom today, who resent a challenge been put to them for their fears and inaction. It’s common enough.


The church must be a catalyst for godly change, and resistance in the community. We’ve ignored this crisis for too long, putting up with the intrusions to our freedoms. Now is the time to speak again of re-gaining our Christian and constitutional liberties, which it seems, a host of political leaders have determined to take from us.

This will mean resistance and disobedience to a host of restrictions, along with refusal to pay fines, and willingness to go to gaol. And the church must lead the way.

Will you be a part of the problem, or part of the solution?