Coronavirus and the Country’s Future (14)

Like a roaring lion and a rushing bear is a wicked ruler over a poor people (Prov.28:15).

Wicked rulers exploit poor and defenceless people, for their own ends. They like to use some sort of supposed national “emergency” for those own ends. Hitler did this in Germany in 1933, by manipulating threats of a communist takeover, and the community then was by and large duped. He got increased powers. Very shrewd, and evil.

It was President Obama’s Chief of staff, Rahn Emanuel, who commented that smart political leaders will

never let a serious crisis go to waste.

This happens frequently in politics, and it’s generally for the worse. Godless politicians are opportunists, seizing on an opportunity to enact something that’s in their political interests, and that reduces the community’s liberties, before that community has really understood that this may all be part of an agenda.

In 1996 in Australia, we had a terrible massacre at Port Arthur, and over 30 people died. I’m not convinced that massacre was ever properly investigated.

Immediately, the Prime Minister, John Howard, proceeded with a plan to rid Australia of various weapons. So, truck-loads of weapons were confiscated from the community, and destroyed, at a cost of over a billion dollars. For the good of everyone, you see.

Has it made Australia any safer?

I don’t think so. Women are still being murdered by men. If evil men are bent on vengeance, against a woman, they will commonly defy a Domestic Violence order, break into the place where she is, abuse and sometimes kill her. If they go looking, they can find a gun on the black-market.

If she fears her life’s in danger and goes to a Gun-Shop to buy a gun for self-defence, she won’t be allowed to buy it, because that’s the law, and Mr Howard wanted to get all those weapons out of the community.

So, the defenceless person will remain just that. They may even choose to break the law to save their life, because

A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.

That’s why I’m intensely sceptical about government lock-downs, as a result of the coronavirus, internationally. I honestly doubt that any good will come from these, but there have been huge social and material costs, as a result. One of these has been the severe restrictions on individual liberties, including travel.

Do governments suffer?

They’ve increased their powers, along with the number of bureaucrats employed. What could be wrong with that?

Nothing, unless you are a normal member of the community. You have to pay more taxes, and you have less freedom to go where you wish to, both within your nation, and internationally. What’s more, the business climate for you may have completely altered, and you may have lost your job, even your business.

Consider this US case:

When the coronavirus swept across America earlier this spring, Waffle House, which has locations in 25 states, was forced to shut down some 700 restaurants across the country. This put roughly 28,000 hourly Waffle House employees out of work, who became part of the 26.5 million Americans who filed for unemployment that month.

The story of these workers underscores an overlooked reality of the pandemic: lower-income Americans are being harmed the most by lockdowns.

Pew Research studies show that Hispanic women, immigrants, young people, and individuals with less education have been the most likely to lose jobs and the least likely to save income during the pandemic. They’ve also been by far the most likely to say they’ve struggled to pay rent or bills.[1]

This requires that people are not trusting their political leaders. That would be Biblical, for it says,

Do not trust in princes, in mortal man, in whom there is no salvation. His spirit departs, he returns to the earth; in that very day his thoughts perish (Ps.146:3, 4).

If Christians will take scripture seriously, they will be frightened by the notion of increased government powers. They’ll know from scripture and from history, that the innocent will always suffer through these new government powers; that there will be abuse. And the liberties that generations of our forefathers fought for, both in the Reformation period and since, are being threatened. More than that, some of them have gone.

Why should we be surprised at this? Why should we be so foolish as to think it wouldn’t happen to us?

I’m 65. In my lifetime, Australians have always been able to travel around their country, with no restrictions. You could always go anywhere you wanted, day or night, seven days a week. Now, because some clowns have claimed there is a pandemic, there have been people stuck in all sorts of places, unable to get home, or visit a dying relative interstate, or a thousand other things.

And there are still evil people in power, who have the audacity to claim that “It’s for the good of the people.”  The Bible says that

The soul of the wicked desires evil; his neighbour finds no favour in his eyes (Prov.21:10).

What if the “wicked” is a person with political power? Well, it’s too bad for his “neighbour.”

This is why I hope this coronavirus nonsense will be a warning to believers, anywhere in the world. The fact is, that as Burke said,

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing.


Fallen man’s exercise of power is demonic: it is power for the sake of power, and its goal is ‘a boot stamping on a human face-forever.’[2]

Christians world-wide, need to be both warned and encouraged by the government responses to coronavirus. These things require a response from believers, way beyond passivity. Believers must consider the appropriate forms of Christian resistance to evil governments, and how to sensibly implement these in a community. As Peter explained,

We must obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29).

The world waits for our lead.

[1] “Waffle House’s Stand against Lockdowns is Exactly what America Needs -Almost.” Foundation for Economic Education, 21/11/2020.

[2] Rousas Rushdoony (quoting from George Orwell,) “The Institutes of Biblical law,” 1973, pp 448, 449.