Coronavirus and the Country’s Future (30)

By Andrew McColl, 9/3/2021

Dr Simone Gold is a US medical Doctor. I found this and other speeches she’s made, at

The following is a synopsis I’ve written, on a 28 minute public speech she made in the US, in June 2020.

“There is no scientific reason to wear a mask.” It is a psychological fear question: “Am I going to be safe?” The virus has become politicised.

Hydroxychloroquine has been around for a long time. It works for SARS -1. Simone was prescribing it, but she was getting letters from her oversight, that doing this was “unprofessional.” She found this bizarre. This was happening right across the country.

Pharmacists are able to overrule Drs, and the Dr-Patient relationship has been eroded. President Trump endorsed hydroxychloroquine in March 2020, and it was instantly buried in the media.

Hydroxychloroquine is an over the counter medicine, used for decades for lupis and malaria. The idea that “It’s not safe,” is absolutely ludicrous. It has been FDA approved for 65 years, and is given to children, babies, pregnant and breast-feeding women. It is derived from quinine, and is safer than aspirin. The FDA website lists it as a malaria treatment overseas. “There is zero question about safety.”

Almost all the studies indicate that hydroxychloroquine is efficacious in pre and medium treatment. There is a question about its treatment, later on. It works better with zinc, opening the door to zinc going into the cell. Its “failings” are related to when and how it’s given:

a) Too late, b) In a toxic dose, c) Given alone (ie, without zinc).

The British medical journal Lancet published a negative study on it. Simone says, “It was fraudulent.” This was “a breathtaking level of conspiracy…it cannot happen by accident.”

“The level of corruption to overcome is enormous.”

a) The scientific level: the journals.

b) The media: reporting no good news.

c) The State governments.

d) The Federal government (FDA), trying to put restrictions of the use of hydroxychloroquine.

“Americans are captured by fear [of the virus]… it’s not true.”

The normal treatment for lupis with hydroxychloroquine is 400mg a day. You need 400 mg weekly, not to get sick with Covid. She recommends,

Make it over the counter-give it to the people.

“Governments are putting on Fascist dictatorial regulations, because people are making decisions based on fear.” There is a medical issue, but a legal crisis. We are losing our civil liberties, because there are powers that be, that are making decisions based on fear.

“Will the constitution still be intact, when this episode is over?” You have to do something, now.

After a press conference she held had 18 million views, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In and U-tube deprogrammed her.

“We should not be living in fear… you should rise up in the street…everyone has to be a warrior.”

“Drs have been muzzled.” “We will be living in China if we don’t act.”