Coronavirus and the Country’s Future (41a)

Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong (I Cor.16:13).

Evil people really enjoy the prospect of political power. Why? It gives them opportunities to do the things they love to do, but couldn’t do before.

Right from the start, I’ve been suspicious and deeply sceptical, when this supposed crisis hit the news. I’ve found appalling, how governments throughout the West have been prepared, on the basis of a “pandemic,” to abandon the traditional rights and freedoms we’ve enjoyed, as if they were of no consequence. The freedom to travel, even within nations has sometimes been abandoned, so that people wanting for personal, business or other reasons, couldn’t travel, and now have to remain for a fortnight in “Quarantine,” in case they could be infected.

This is new. We accept the fact that infectious diseases may require those infected to undergo quarantine, and this in fact is Biblical (see Lev.13 and 14). What isn’t Biblical, is to compel this to take place, purely on an assumption that people could be infected. This directly affects the actions of free, law abiding people, going about their business, whatever that might be. These people have had to undergo all manner of injustices, based on a possibility, an assumption. It’s a new form of authoritarianism, and it’s evil.

A friend of mine in Toowoomba, Qld lost his wife in March last year. A funeral and burial? Out of the question: illegal.

For what? The assumption that because of Covid 19, a public funeral could be a dangerous risk to Public Health.

Governments prey upon the trust of their unsuspecting populace, to do what they wish. Sometimes, they utilize deception to do so.

Remember WMD?

We were told by the Americans, that Iraq had these Weapons of Mass Destruction, that they’d prepared for some dreadful activity. We were shown photographs from satellites that “showed” all these weapons lying around somewhere in Iraq, ready to be deployed.

That didn’t sound good. It proved to be a good enough excuse for the US to commence an invasion of Iraq, while they continued to pursue their investigations of all these supposed WMD’s, just lying around in plain sight.

There never were any WMD’s, but it made a good and compelling story. The US got what it wanted: a war with the flimsiest of excuses, and that was enough. A half a million Iraqi children die, after the Baghdad water supply is destroyed by U.S. bombing, a trillion dollars is spent, and what do we have?

Iraq in chaos, a number of weapons suppliers to the US military who’ve made a lot of money from it, and WMD’s that never existed.

Have we learnt anything?

Some of us have. Governments lie when they think people will believe them. In my opinion,  there never has been a global health crisis. There has been a manufactured, political one, to serve some people’s interests.

Do I believe there’s been a conspiracy? I don’t know the answer to that. What I do know, is that governments and their bureaucrats have been extraordinarily willing to drive bull-dozers over the lives of billions, as if there was some great crisis to be dealt with-an emergency.

There is a pattern to this, historically. WMD was no new phenomena.

Governments want to achieve something. For reasons not immediately obvious, they declare a crisis/emergency, try to control the flow of information surrounding it, pour scorn on the “conspiracy theorists,” harass and imprison them, then try to manipulate the outcome, for their own ends. That means more power to them, and of course the bureaucrats.

In the process, the community is supposed to put up with all manner of ordeals and sacrifice of money, time and inconvenience, because of this terrible “crisis.” But was it a crisis?

Slowly over time, we begin to realise that a propaganda event has been perpetuated, and we were the stoogers and the losers.

But cracks have been appearing in the narrative, regularly. Three Canadian pastors have been arrested in only a few months, on trumped up charges, claims that they were somehow in violation of the public health regulations. One of them spent a month in goal. Why would the government go after them?

A health issue?

No, an opportunity by a godless, abusive, authoritarian government to assert their authority over the church. All of these cases are heading to court, and that could be good.

John MacArthur, a Minister of Grace Church in California, numbering thousands, decided last year that he’d had enough of being controlled by the State. He and his church elders announced they’d re-start their Sunday services, in violation of the State’s lockdown edicts. Repeatedly, the State has prosecuted this church, but it’s won, and it’s kept winning. They are growing, partly because people have respected its leadership, and joined it.

Now, the cracks continue to appear, almost daily. What really happened in Wuhan, China? And what was the relationship between Tony Fauci [pronounced “Fowchi,”] (Director of the U.S. Center for Disease Control), and the Chinese lab in Wuhan? Today I saw a headline:

More Vaccinations-More Deaths.

Did certain individuals have a vested interest in creating a “pandemic,” and who could conceivably benefit from it? And, do vaccines even work?


The cracks appearing are an answer to prayer. If people did conspire, they’ll be found out, because the truth cannot be suppressed. Now, all of this is getting exciting, every day.