Coronavirus and the Country’s Future (44a)

The rich man is wise in his own eyes, but the poor who has understanding sees through him (Prov.28:11).

It’s been astonishing to watch something I’ve never seen before: the use of medical propaganda to mislead whole nations, possibly even much of the world. Governments, particularly those with a Welfare State mentality, have been duped by a host of medical bureaucrats who want us to believe they care for us.

I’m not convinced they do. They definitely care about themselves, their career and their longevity in their positions. That’s the way of all bureaucrats. The common person had better understand that his interests and his health, have never been the concern of bureaucrats, at least, not in my lifetime. Mises wrote a book on this in 1944.

The U.S. Cardiologist Doctor Peter McCullough has been quite forthright on this subject. His attitude is that there really has been a Covid Conspiracy, working against the public. He’s figured out low-cost ways of dealing with the coronavirus, but has had to work against systemic opposition within the medical establishment, even though he was successful in treating large numbers of patients.

He writes that

What we have learned over time is that we could no longer communicate with government agencies. We actually couldn’t communicate with our propagandized colleagues in major medical centers, all of which appear to be under a spell, almost as if they’ve been hypnotized.

Whatever could be the goal of all of this? He explains:

What we have discovered is that the suppression of early treatment was tightly linked to the development of a vaccine, and the entire program—and in a sense, bioterrorism phase one— was rolled out, and was really about keeping the population in fear, and in isolation preparing them to accept the vaccine, which appears to be phase two of a bioterrorism operation.

This means that we have to recalibrate. We have to think about what is being claimed and foisted upon us by political leaders and bureaucrats, and consider the whole matter, independently.

All of the controls, the lockdowns, the fear campaigns, and pressure to vaccinate immediately, have been with a view to manipulating a trusting, vulnerable population to be vaccinated.

But guess what? We saw a headline recently:

4,000 Vaccinated people in Massachusetts test Positive to the Virus

McCullough concluded that

Basically it’s the largest application of a biological product with the greatest amount of morbidity and mortality in the history of our country.

People who think it’s the job of their government to keep them safe, place themselves in a  perilous position. Governments don’t know how to keep people safe, and never have. My safety is best left with me, and those immediately around me, because

Where responsibility rests, authority lies.

If I think it’s a good idea that the government should try to keep me safe, I’ve committed myself into their hands, and they will accept that responsibility, gladly.

But, I’d rather look after myself. Why? It’ll be safer, cheaper, and much more reliable.

When the Welfare State accepted responsibility for the Education, Health and Welfare of its citizens, two things happened. First, the costs to the citizen escalated dramatically. And second, the quality of the provision dropped, just as dramatically.

Civil government is not a parent, caring for a child. But, it is an institution with power, and it will use it, gladly. It was the governing Committee of Public Safety that was responsible for the slaughter of 35,000 to 40,000 innocent individuals, during the French Revolution. Isn’t there a faint irony, in that?

Angela Codevilla recently pointed out that:

In fact, the bureaucracy’s, the intelligence agencies’, the armed forces’ actions against republicans are not errors. They are the oligarchic regime’s acts of war. As the majority of Americans grasp that reality, they deprive the regime’s powers of the legitimacy that gives them force.[1]


If we want to make any progress out of this dreadful Coronavirus hole, it will begin in our hearts and minds, and our expectations of government being very sharply reduced. For, as Mises wrote

Government interference always means either violent action or the threat of such action…. Government is in the last resort the employment of armed men, of policemen, gendarmes, soldiers, prison guards, and hangmen. The essential feature of government is the enforcement of its decrees by beating, killing, and imprisoning. Those who are asking for more government interference are asking ultimately for more compulsion and less freedom.[2]

[1] Angelo Codevilla, “Restoring America Requires Dedicated Citizens to Re-found our Republic,” 22/6/2021.

[2] Ludwig von Mises, “Omnipotent Government,” 1944.