Coronavirus and the Country’s Future (51)

The Forever War Against COVID-19

Gary North ( July 19, 2021

On July 17, the top stories on Drudge’s site were these:

For over a year, governments around the world have put lockdowns and masks at the top of the list to consolidate power. They claim they are saving lives. They are determined to force the public to cooperate in their programs for saving lives.

Bureaucrats who have been elevated to senior positions for the first time in their faceless lives love the attention and the power. Turf defence against any suggestion of the complete removal of lockdowns and intervention is in full-court press mode. The bureaucrats are not going to surrender power. They are not going to admit that the COVID problem was never so great as to justify the interventions, nor are they going to admit the COVID problem has gone away. They are going to maintain turf.

Governments are now justifying maintenance of these controls and even an escalation of additional controls on the basis of a new strain of the disease. It is not clear that it is deadly. It is not clear that it is highly contagious. It is not clear that any of the vaccines will work against it. But it is clear that some portions of voting public can still be conned into believing that they are at risk.

At the same time, the other side of the debate, the hard-line anti-vaxers and the deniers of the existence of the disease are uniting in their continued opposition. They are never going to believe that this disease was or is a major threat. They are going to fight the government tooth and nail on these issues. The government is going to fight back.

I think the vast majority of people are pretty much fed up with the whole charade. They do not want to be vaccinated. They do not want to wear the masks. They think COVID has gone away, and they want the controls to stay away. I do not see many masks these days.

I do not think most people can be whipped up into hysteria again on the basis of a new strain of the disease. It is clear that there will always be new strains of this disease. It is also clear that government bureaucratic agencies are going to try to make the best of this in order to defend their turf, their budgets, their authority, and their ability to push people around.

The longer that this division goes on, the more voters will be pushed into the camp of the COVID disbelievers. People who have had enough of the masks are going to conclude that the new strains are not major threats unless there is overwhelming statistical evidence that there is a threat. I do not think such evidence is going to appear.

Nevertheless, Treasury Secretary Yellen says that lockdowns may be necessary again. She is clueless politically. She is not alone.

Government, officials who keep pushing the public where the public no longer wants to go will find that there is a backlash. These politicians are going to lose their positions in the next electoral cycle. This is a good thing.


One of the articles on Drudge’s site reported the following.

President Biden on Friday accused Facebook of “killing people,” just after White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the Biden administration is “in regular touch” with the platform to ensure correct “narratives” are promoted — elaborating on her Thursday admission that the White House is “flagging problematic posts” to censor.

Biden was asked about his message for platforms like Facebook as he departed the White House on Friday afternoon for a weekend trip to Camp David.

“They’re killing people. The only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated. And they’re killing people,” Biden said.

At her daily press briefing, Psaki told reporters that the White House is “regularly” coordinating with Facebook and other social media giants on the “latest narratives dangerous to public health” that the administration thinks should be censored.

“We are regularly making sure social media platforms are aware of the latest narratives dangerous to public health that we and many other Americans are seeing across all of social and traditional media,” Psaki said.

“There’s about 12 people who are producing 65 percent of anti-vaccine misinformation on social media platforms,” she said.

Psaki also said the White House is encouraging social media companies to alter their algorithms to promote “quality information” and for platforms to act in unison to ban certain people.

“You shouldn’t be banned from one platform and not others,” she said.

The Democrats just cannot stop. They want control over the social media. They are convinced that this issue is high on the voters’ agenda. They think that they have leverage with the broad mass of voters on this issue. They are convinced that they are in the right morally. They are convinced that the government should back up social media’s de-platforming. This is a matter of power, and they love power.

This is going to backfire. They are creating hard-core resistance. They are not going to gain public support for this kind of behaviour. But they do not understand this. They think the public is really on their side.

These people are blind. They are betting the electoral farm on an issue that a large segment of the public no longer believes is significant. They are trying to whip up support for more coercion against people who are expressing their opinions on an issue that is fading from the public’s concern.

The unreality of all this is significant. Biden is trying to breathe life into what is becoming a dead political issue. He does not have that much political capital. He is squandering it on COVID.

There is not going to be a wave of new controls to fight the latest strain of this fading disease. The public is not going to cooperate again. Voters are convinced that the threat is no longer there. They are also tired of wearing masks. The Biden administration is increasingly spinning its wheels in the sand. It is running out of time to get its agenda through the 50-50 Senate.


This indicates just how out of touch Biden and his administration are. Biden has been unable to get his agenda through a split Senate. He does not have a mandate from the public. Yet he acts as though he is in the catbird seat. He acts as though his program will be confirmed in the next congressional elections.

He is no longer talking about imposing new taxes on the public. He is not speaking out against Trump’s tax cuts. He is proposing an increase of the marginal tax rate to 39.6%, up from 37%. That is essentially chump change. It is no threat to the super-rich, who do not pay anywhere near the top tax rate. He is making it clear to Bernie Sanders and his followers that they are dispensable. The Sanders wing of the party is being hung out to dry. This is good news.

So, let him fight the new strain of COVID. That will keep him busy until the next round of congressional elections.