Coronavirus and the Country’s Future (57C)

Suppressing the Anti-Vaxx Movement

Gary North ( October 23, 2021

The [US] government keeps telling us that the Delta variant of COVID-19 is a major threat, and we have to be vaccinated in order to protect ourselves and protect the public.

About 40% of the American public is not buying the narrative. They are resisting.

In my lifetime, this is the largest resistance movement against the government of the United States. The anti-Vietnam War protests were noisy, but they did not constitute 40% of the American electorate.

This resistance movement is something different. It can communicate through social media. This makes it unique. Second, while it is more commonly associated with the conservative movement, it stretches beyond the conservative movement. Some of the resistors just do not like vaccinations. Third, the movement is decentralized. The government cannot move in on any one protester or protest site and shut down the movement…..More