Coronavirus and the Country’s Future (65a)

Email letter from Geoffrey Bodkin, 13/11/2021

           This Is Not How to Do a Clinical Trial

Said an FDA official in this reprehensible statement about injecting 5-11 year olds: “We’re never gonna learn about how safe this vaccine is until you start giving it.”

“Well,” says Margaret Anna Alice, “we don’t have to wait to find out. A twelve-year-old child just died two days after receiving the Pfizer injection, and the autopsy proves it. And these fourteen children died of such conditions as pulmonary embolism, intracranial hemorrhage, cardiac arrest, and myocarditis post-injection—only to be swept under the rug by BigPharma toady CDC. And deaths of male children have jumped 86 percent in the UK since the vaxx rollout. It is estimated that nearly 800 children have been killed from the injection thus far, and you and your colluders are only ramping up the pedicide program.”

Where Does the FDA Get its Money, Anyway?

Children’s Health Defense notes, “The FDA gets 45% of its budget from the pharmaceutical industry, and fast-tracks more than 50% of the drugs it approves.

A Letter to Your Neighborhood Doctor from Dr. Christopher Keys

Dear Dr._____________,

I am writing to implore you as a medical doctor, based on the oath you took to do no harm, to be as faithful in making your patients aware of the dangers of vaccines as much as you promote their safety.

 Based upon your integrity as a doctor and because every child is made in the image of God, I would like for you to do the right thing in regards to a letter written in 2013 by the American Academy of Pediatrics. This letter stated, “ALL parents and patients should be informed about the risks and benefits of preventative and therapeutic procedures including vaccination.”

Nowhere in the said letter is anything stated concerning the risks of vaccines; conversely, only the benefits of vaccination are described-a very slanted one-sided story. In light of the requirement in the letter, I am providing you with eleven undeniable facts regarding the dangers of vaccines. This information is required to be given to your patients about the risks associated with vaccinations to comply with the letter cited above.

10 Undeniable Facts Concerning Vaccination:

1.      The U.S. Supreme Court rules all vaccines unavoidably unsafe.

2. None of the vaccines on the U.S. CDC recommended childhood vaccine schedule were tested against an inert saline placebo in clinical trials. The Facts About the FDA’s Questionable Practices • Children’s Health Defense

3. This HHS lawsuit shows that no safety studies have been conducted on vaccines for thirty-three years.

4. Compensation for vaccine injury to date: $4.4 billion and counting.

Description of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) • Children’s Health Defense

5. The CDC, frankly, is a vaccine company; it owns at least fifty vaccine patents and buys and distributes $4.6 billion in vaccines annually through the Vaccines for Children program. Examining RFK Jr.’s claim that the CDC “Owns over 20 vaccine ( FY 2018 Budget in Brief – CDC |

6. In 1986, Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act freeing companies from liability for injuries resulting from childhood vaccines no matter how toxic the ingredients, how negligent the manufacturer, or how grievous the harm. H.R.5546 – 99th Congress (1985-1986): National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 | | Library of Congress NCVIA: The Legislation that Changed Everything—Conflicts of Interest Undermine Children’s Health: Part II • Children’s Health Defense

7. There are two Hepatitis B vaccines licensed for one day old babies in the United States-one manufactured by Merck and the other by GlaxoSmith Kline. Merck’s Hepatitis B was licensed by the FDA after trials which solicited adverse reactions for only five days after vaccination. Similarly, GlaxoSmithKline’s Hepatitis B Vaccine was licensed by the FDA after trials which solicited adverse reactions for only four days after vaccination. recombivax_pi ( 8. In 1965, 4% of the US population had a chronic disease. For American kids born in 1986,only 12.8% had chronic disease. That number has grown to 54% among the vaccine generation according to a 2011 survey funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Dynamics of obesity and chronic health conditions among children and youth –


A National and State Profile of Leading Health Problems and Health Care Quality for US Children: Key Insurance Disparities and Across-State Variations –


9. Vaccines CAN and DO cause injuries. The message that vaccine injuries are rare is not supported by facts and anecdotal evidence. An HHS-sponsored study by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality found that vaccine injuries, when tracked using electronic medical records, occur in one in thirty-nine vaccines given.

Electronic Support for Public Health – Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (ESP:VAERS) (Massachusetts) | AHRQ Digital Healthcare Research: Informing Improvement in Care Quality, Safety, and Efficiency Vaccine Injuries Ratio: One for Every 39 Vaccines Administered • Children’s Health Defense

10. Post-licensure vaccine safety surveillance is failing the American people and children around the world. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System(VAERS), where doctors and patients voluntarily report adverse vaccine events, received 58,381 reports in 2018. including 412 deaths,1,237 permanent disabilities, and 4, 217 hospitalizations. An HHS-funded review of VAERS concluded that “fewer than one per cent of vaccine adverse events are reported ” to VAERS. The CDC has refused to mandate or automate VAERS reporting.

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