Coronavirus and the Country’s Future (74)

Andrew McColl, 18th January, 2022

(From Geoffrey Bodkin’s Newsletter, 29th December)

            Why Were 2021 Autopsies Blocked by Authorities?

Number 79, December 29, 2021

Invalid Positives, Invalid Negatives, Invalid Science

As I have reported here on several occasions, every PCR test is invalid because it cannot accurately identify SARS CoV-2. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is finally admitting this.  Effective December 31, 2021, they are withdrawing the PCR test for COVID because the science was false from the day it was rolled out in February, 2020. The “test” is seriously flawed and is incapable of identifying or distinguishing between any two influenza viruses. The CDC has finally admitted that the PCR test cannot, and never could, identify SARS-CoV-2.  The announcement, being ignored by big media, is here:

You should print this out and show it to any authority asking you for, or demanding from you, a fresh PCR test.  

Why Have Authorities Resisted or Blocked Autopsies in 2021?

Two main reasons:  

a)  Because the artificially high number of “Covid” deaths was artificially created and elevated to induce fear.  Many so-labelled “Covid victims” died of other causes, which would have been discovered and recorded in autopsy reports.

b) Because so many people were dying of spike-protein vaccine injuries.  How many?  Columbia University’s study estimated some 400,000 Americans.  These fatal injuries would have been discovered in autopsies.  

German pathologist and professor Dr. Arne Burkhardt[1] has now penetrated the autopsy veil.  He applied his 40 years of experience in the field to examine 15 dead vaccinated patients.[2]  He moved forward with full autopsies.  As he examined tissues and organs, he proved that the vax was the common denominator which had caused the individuals’ bodies to self-destruct in a high percentage of the cases.  Only one showed no evidence of vaccine poisoning.

What he discovered:  A specific type of immune cell called a lymphocyte was found to have invaded various parts of the body, eventually causing early death.  Burkhardt has presented slides at the recent Covid Ethics Symposium showing that lymphocytes infiltrated the heart muscle in particular, causing systemic inflammation. The resulting lesions were small, “but the destruction of just a few muscle cells may have a devastating effect,” he warns.

“If the inflammatory infiltration is found where the impulse for the contraction of the heart is given, this may lead to heart failure,” he further said.

It was also discovered that a lymphocyte invasion occurred in other vital organs such as the liver, kidneys, uterus, brain, thyroid and skin, all of which showed signs of autoimmune damage.

Numerous presenters at the same symposium, including Dr. Peter McCullough, who has also long stood against the injections, revealed scientific evidence to support these and other claims.

McCullough has come out to say that Covid “vaccines” are the “most dangerous biological medicinal product rollout in human history.” He remains one of the most vocal opponents to the current agenda.

Some Important Lists for Your Files: 

Dead Pilots from Air Line Pilot Association

A list of deaths published in the Air Line Pilot Association magazine shows that most of the deaths in 2021 happened after the vaccines rolled out, at a 1,750% increase from 2020.

Dead Athletes, a Corroborated List

A former CIA-trained analyst checked the stories and found they were true.

Leg Amputations Following Vaccination

Did You Get the Spike Protein Injection?

There may be hope for remorseful vax recipients. The World Council for Health has released a spike protein detox guide, which provides straightforward steps you can take to potentially lessen the effects of toxic spike protein in your body. Spike protein inhibitors and neutralizers include pine needles, ivermectin, neem, N-acetylcysteine (NAC) and glutathione. The top 10 spike protein detox essentials include vitamin D, vitamin C, nigella seed, quercetin, zinc, curcumin, milk thistle extract, NAC, ivermectin and magnesium.  Please send the following link to those you know who have received the injection.

The Two-Tier Society 

“I think anything that encourages the vaccine-hesitant [to get the jab] is sensible,” said one UK Cabinet Minister, who then warned: “The mood in the country is hardening against people who refuse to be vaccinated.”

This hardening is happening all over the world, by deliberate policy. The non-vaxxed are being treated as criminals with no rights.  In Austria, the government is moving to criminalize every non-vaccinated citizen, including doctors.  But an open letter signed by 199 Austrian physicians and doctors has been sent to the President of the Austrian Medical Association

This highly significant number of doctors have accused their President of violating basic medical ethics by threatening colleagues who don’t comply with disciplinary sanction. They point out to him the duties by which physicians are bound.  It’s worth reading.


The mood in New York is also hardening against the unvaccinated.  On January 5th, the New York legislative session begins. Here are just a few of the bills awaiting passage:  

  • Forced COVID shot mandates,
  • forced database posting of all adult vaccine records,
  • forced COVID shots for college attendance,
  • forced flu shots to attend school, preschool and daycare,
  • elimination of religious exemptions for work and college,
  • elimination of parent parental consent to shots when a child reaches age 14,
  • and of course elimination of access to health insurance by the unvaccinated.
  • Assembly Bill A416 allowed the governor to imprison without trial anyone considered a threat to public health. But the sponsor of this bill has recently withdrawn it due to negative public resistance. 

Who Wants to be a Bounty Hunter?

Linz, Austria was the city chosen by Hitler to host his grand, international Art Museum of stolen art. The building was never built. Today Linz is cracking down on the unvaccinated, Gestapo-style.  They are recruiting a Covid police force. The job description says it will suit those who “take pleasure in working with legislation and administrative procedures.”

The assignment involves hunting down the unvaxxed, relentlessly, forcing them to get the jab or pay ongoing fines for refusing to do so.  Relentlessly.  The bounty hunters will punish the dissidents with punishments not yet made public.  

Austria is the first nation in Europe to have announced a sweeping vaccine mandate for all its citizens. Vienna was also the first in the world to impose a strict nationwide lockdown specifically for the unvaccinated in November, only for it to be expanded to also include the vaccinated citizens weeks later. The lockdown expired on December 12, but unvaccinated Austrians still remain banned from non-essential outings.

Do You Know Who the Fact-Checkers Are?

Back on November 9th, I directed readers to Brook Jackson’s stunning expose of the FDA and Pfizer for the suppression of alleged criminal activity and professional negligence in vaccine trials.   It was published in The British Medical Journal, which thoroughly corroborated her evidence of malfeasance, misconduct, falsification of data, the refusal to report adverse reactions, fabrication of data, and bribery of participants.  Before publication, there was a legal review of the article and a broad peer-reviewed examination of facts and science within the article.

Beginning November 10, many of you who tried to share the article ran into flags and warnings, like this one: “Missing context … Independent fact-checkers say this information could mislead people.” You were directed to a “fact check” performed by a Facebook contractor named Lead Stories.

The British Medical Journal has just written to Mark Zuckerberg to say, “We find the “fact check” performed by Lead Stories to be inaccurate, incompetent and irresponsible.

— It fails to provide any assertions of fact that The BMJ article got wrong

— It has a nonsensical title: “Fact Check: The British Medical Journal Did NOT Reveal Disqualifying And Ignored Reports Of Flaws In Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Trials”

— The first paragraph inaccurately labels The BMJ a “news blog”

— It contains a screenshot of our article with a stamp over it stating “Flaws Reviewed,” despite the Lead Stories article not identifying anything false or untrue in The BMJ article

— It published the story on its website under a URL that contains the phrase “hoax-alert.”

Do you realize just how dishonest, misleading, false and politicized big-tech “fact-checks” can be? Zuckerberg is now facing lawsuits for defamation.  However, his clever attorneys counter by asserting that the “fact check” was an “opinion,” not an actual check of facts and declaration of error. Under libel law, opinions are protected from liability for libel.