What to Remember about War

Geoffrey Bodkin Newsletter, 13/3/2022

Why have I not been commenting on the development of the war in Ukraine?  

I have opinions about what is going on. But from my desk in the US, with no good intel sources, I have to admit the reality of the situation is impenetrable.  For now.  Things may be different in April.  But today, war progress has been clouded with

  • distorted misinformation,
  • exceedingly exaggerated propaganda,
  • highly emotional war hysteria,
  • usual military secrecy,
  • and dishonest media censorship.[1]  

Why is it we want to know so many of the details we can’t really know right now?  Well, even the smallest details of a far-off war could cost us our jobs in a forced worldwide economic crisis. Or those details could escalate into a shooting war at our front door.  Especially when fevered calls for war with Russia are at a reckless, all time high pitch…and when we have an unthinking Commander-in-Chief who is desperate for Commander-in-Chief headlines.

So what do we do while we wait on the sidelines, unable to see through the thick fog of the Ukraine war, knowing little…except that we could get in trouble if we attend tomorrow’s Tchaikovsky concert because, well, he was born in Russia in 1840 and people might think he, or we, have something to do with Mr. Putin if we like Tchaikovsky music.  

Here’s what we should do:

we should remain calm and morally disciplined by remembering the basic truths about war.

  1. Remember the prime cause of every war

It’s not the bloodlust of men, or the incompetence of politicians, or the adolescent romanticism of enlistees, although such factors are at play in every war.  

The prime cause is God, who has a loving purpose behind all his acts. Why does he allow the hellish conditions of war fall on people who are in denial of heaven?  God has very clearly warned everyone in every nation, in writing, that careless disobedience of his will has consequences.  Some consequences are not that painful, like a short drought to get our attention.  But how have proud Americans been doing at admitting this really happens – a drought brought by the hand of God for a loving purpose?

How have we been doing at honouring God, respecting him, listening to him and saying “We have sinned” when a short drought brings hunger?  We are not doing well.  We just buy food from a place with no drought and say, “Technology saved the day.”  What if a small drought turns into supply-chain crisis and we can’t get produce from any state at any price?  Will we remember the Great Judge of the Universe?  Or will we organize ships to bring us food and say, “Technology saved the day.”  

What about when twin towers fall and people die by the thousands?  For two days in 2001, I could hear Americans say, “God is judging us,” but then a more comfortable story circulated.  “It was just some insane terrorists doing what insane terrorists do.”  

We Americans are not good at remembering God and his promises.  God brings war as an admonition to a nation to stop what they’re doing, or as severe punishment because that nation refuses to stop what they are doing.  

In Leviticus 26:17-18, God makes a promise to willfully disobedient nations:  ‘And I will set My face against you so that you shall be struck down before your enemies; and those who hate you shall rule over you, and you shall flee when no one is pursuing you. ‘If also after these things, you do not obey Me, then I will punish you seven times more for your sins.’ 

2. Remember how history proves God’s integrity

God means what he says. Near the end of every cataclysm, those who suffer the horrors and sorrows of war usually get the message. Some are finally ready to say, “We sinned and we deserved what God did to us.”

Often we can look back on wars and see that there was no purpose to them, in terms of the affairs of men.  But what purposes of God were accomplished?  Proud nations were debased, godless rulers were pulled from their thrones, and young men were humbled with death and dying.  22 million were removed from their generation during WWI, which was a politically unnecessary and pointless war.  But God wanted a world system and its empires reordered. That world was totally reordered. It would do us good to remember, today, how quickly God did that starting in 1914, and what irrational decisions got the shooting started.   

3. Remember our susceptibility to government propaganda

Since our days in first grade, Americans have been conditioned to think and do what we are told…by the experts.  In 2021 we closed our businesses and lined up for our vaccines, because public health experts told us to.  Fear was the visceral emotion which drove us to respond so gullibly.  And peer pressure was that abstract emotion goading us on to be like everyone else.  In March, 2022, the new visceral emotion is hatred, and our political leaders have whipped us into a self-righteous frenzy.  The White House is briefing TikTok influencers on ways to incite animosity.  Says Rod Dreher, “This war is a pop culture and consumerist phenomenon.”

4. Remember man’s potential for hatred of other men

Hate can be inflamed almost overnight.  Our new hatreds of other men can then enslave us to our own poisoned minds and emotions.   We think in terms of hate when we see the world only through the distorted lens of hate, and we become monsters, unable to control our own spirits.  John Quincy Adams warned us about this in 1824, speaking about foreign wars.  But [America] goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy [or]…the fundamental maxims of her policy would insensibly change from liberty to force…. She might become the dictatress of the world. She would be no longer the ruler of her own spirit.[2]

5. Remember our national sins

One dominant American theme in today’s debate about Putin, the invasion, NATO, and Zelensky:  

America is top superpower nation in every way; and we are always right on the moral answers to questions of war, invasion and foreign policy.  Because we have been the good guys for so long we get to be dictatress, world policeman, and the proud owner of military bases any place we want them.

Well, no, we are not always right.  We have been arrogant, lawless, unethical, and we have a lot of blood on our hands.  And not just from our unrestrained infanticide of 63 million children.  

Our bioethics compass is broken, as we showed the world when we mocked the Nuremburg Code, mandating harmful experimental vaccines without informed consent, and exempting the manufacturers from liability for over one million deaths and injuries.  

We have behaved as warmongers, trampling on the Geneva Convention as we started or joined wars in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe, using indiscriminate bombing as our trademark policy of warfare. Civilians have died as we advance, by the hundreds of thousands.  No court on earth can bring us to justice, but there is a heavenly court which has seen and recorded every unnecessary and unjust death in every unnecessary and unjust war.

 6. Remember that today’s dangerous government narrative may come unraveled at any moment

In fact, this is beginning.  EU officials are meeting in Versailles at a special summit. Josep Borrell, the European Union’s high representative for foreign affairs and security policy, has conceded that the West has made errors in its relations with Russia. He has said it was a mistake to offer Ukraine membership in NATO.

This after both EU and NATO officials were provoking Putin with such an arrangement, even in official taunts like this one from NATO head Jens Stoltenberg, just before the war: “So, if the Kremlin’s aim is to have less NATO on its borders, it will only get more NATO!”

The West is now walking back its warmongering words and its campaigns of disinformation, like those lies from the White House about Bioweapon labs in the Ukraine.

To circumvent laws regarding the development of bioweapons or biologic agents, the US has funded research projects in jurisdictions outside the US.  Possibly two-dozen are located in Ukraine, despite claims to the contrary by the White House.[3]  Dr. Robert Malone is compiling pertinent reports from the following links, for your files.

Highly Relevant Proverb:  

Prov.14:11 “The house of the wicked will be destroyed, But the tent of the upright will flourish.”