(44) Australia’s 2022 Election (3)

By Andrew McColl, 3rd May, 2022

The Labor Party represents the Left of Australia’s political spectrum. Not quite as far left as the Greens, but nearly. For Labor, “Left” ostensibly means the working class, but that’s been wearing a bit thin for decades now.

Labor really means: “progressive” morality, abortion on demand, the gay agenda, ‘Climate Change’ is real and dangerous, lock up forests from logging, undecided about mining, spend more, tax more, borrow more, you don’t have to think, because we know what’s best for you.

And there’s more: Capitalism is doubtful, Education, Health and Welfare must all be free, because the government can do that (that’s always been a lie), Defence in relation to China is muddled, and everything of any importance happens in the capital cities, because that’s where most of the voters live. Consequently, don’t expect to find many Labor voters in the bush.

Hundreds of thousands of Australians protested in Canberra in February, against compulsory vaccines for Covid. Some of those voters had driven for 20 hours to get there. They were not indifferent to Australian politics, but the leader of the Labor Party leader, Anthony Albanese, suggested to them that they should “go home.” 

Mr Albanese transformed himself into “Mr Alienater” with one thoughtless statement. Two contemptuous words was all he needed to successfully alienate hundreds of thousands of voters. They won’t be back. He didn’t care about that, then. He will, come Election Day.

My wife and I attended an Election Forum in South Brisbane, on the 23rd April, put on by a local group called Voting Matters. There were 11 Senate candidates present, half of them were local people, and they each had 5 minutes to present their case. There were no Labor or Green candidates present, to address the crowd of about 600.

That seemed a bit odd. But perhaps the Labor and Green candidates knew what might be coming, and stayed away. Why would they decide to do that?

Those 600 people were not happy with the status quo. The vast majority (all those who expressed their opinion) were not happy with compulsory vaccinations, with bloated, out of touch bureaucracies, with political leaders who are out of touch with the electorate, but nonetheless encourage people to “follow the Science.”

It would be unwise today to suggest that the crowd was clearly a microcosm of the whole Australian community, because that could prove to be an exaggeration; a bridge too far. Nonetheless, that crowd were respectful, but angry.

No doubt Anthony would prefer us to forget about other matters the Labor Party would like to leave behind. Like the “mean girls,” the senior female Labor Senators who were consistently cruel and oppressive to another female Labor Senator, Kimberley Kitching, who refused to toe the line with them.

She died of a heart attack, on the 10th March, but when the matter of these ladies was raised with Mr Albanese, he asserted that anyone critical of the women was being “sexist,” and he would not be having any enquiry into the matter.

Thanks for that clarification on your private, even-handed impartiality, Anthony. I’m really taken with how you, who aspires to be the next PM of the nation, dealt with that grubby little in-house matter.

When you’re a female Labor Senator, you can do no wrong? Albanese thinks so, and that sends a message to everyone. Will the electorate come to a similar conclusion as me?

The Bible says that,

If a ruler pays attention to falsehood, all his ministers become wicked (Prov.29:12).

It also teaches us that,

Like a roaring lion and a rushing bear is a wicked ruler over a poor people (Prov.28:15).


When democratic countries have elections, political leaders can do as they wish. They really can say what they like, but they cannot dictate how people will respond. In three weeks, Mr Albanese is going to find that out for himself, and as Nancy Sinatra sang so exquisitely in 1966,

These boots are made for walkin’,

And that’s just what they’ll do,

And one of these days these boots

Are gonna walk all over you.