(45) Australia’s 2022 Election (4)

By Andrew McColl, 10th May, 2022

Over the last three weeks, I’ve already covered three aspects of the upcoming election: Bureaucrats and the fear of Covid, Morrison and the Liberals, and thirdly, Albanese and the Labor Party. So far it’s been pretty negative, because there is a fair bit of negativity around at this election, perhaps more than usual.

But there is some good news! There are a number of Independent candidates running for the election, in fact a lot more than usual. That means the voters have lots of choices to make. They don’t have to bother themselves with the usual Liberal/Labor duopoly, which has been rather unimpressive these last three years.

We’ve got options, and there are plenty. Options mean there is plenty of scope for choice, and don’t we all like choice?

The One Nation Party in Qld, presently has 2 Senators in the Upper House, and they are seeking 2 more. Their leader Pauline Hanson has been forthright for many months now, in addressing the very negative and dangerous issues surrounding the mandated Covid vaccinations, as has Malcolm Roberts, her other Senate representative.

Since last year, she has challenged the Prime Minister for his preparedness to go along with this unjust and abusive evil, perpetrated by State governments, but he’s refused to pay her any attention. I think One Nation’s at the top of the list of the independent parties, and the former LNP Member of Parliament, George Christenson, has joined her party now, and is a Senate candidate.

And there are others. The Liberal Democrats are putting up Campbell Newman, a former Lord Mayor of Brisbane, and Premier. I think he has a lot to offer the electorate.

He only lasted one term as Premier, and had sought to reform the Public Service and get rid of thousands of mostly wasteful government jobs, trying to wrestle the Budget back to the black, which in my view was an entirely commendable thing to do. But the electorate thought otherwise.

The United Australia Party, funded by Clive Palmer, is also fielding candidates. I don’t think he is doing them any favors by promoting a scheme to freeze bank interest rates for 3 years, which is a most unwise mechanism to interfere in the market. If he’d let the candidates (led by the former Liberal MP Craig Kelly) determine their policies, they might have a lot better chance of success.

There are others, too. The so-called Teal Independents have little to offer, because they seem  to be another environmental action group, which superficially seems positive, but always seems to come with an underlying attack on justice for individuals. Why would that impress?

Foolishly, the Labor Party NSW Senate candidate, Mich-Elle Meyers, claimed recently that “Jesus was Gay,” which is a direct challenge and insult to the Christian community. I’m not in NSW, but she wouldn’t be getting my vote.


What’s clear in Australia is that the major parties are treating the community with an astonishing level of arrogance and contempt. It’s a free country, and they can do that, and because it’s a free country, we can also reward their contempt, as we see fit.

That’s what happens in democratic nations, if political leaders somehow let themselves get distanced from the electorate, and the voters are not impressed. After being treated with contempt, I’ll take my vote elsewhere, and I’d encourage you to do, just that.

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