1.   Church and Personal Maturity:

The Importance of the Church

Church Sin-National Folly

The Biblical Basis for Christian Optimism

The Path to Christian Dominion

The Challenge of Leadership

The Biblical Husband

The Biblical Wife

The Feminisation of the Church

The Church and God’s Law (I)

The Church and God’s Law (II)

The Church and God’s Law (III)

Reversing the Church’s Decline

The End of the Messianic State

Appreciating the First Lady

Christianity and Culture

2.   Economics:

Wealth and the Christian

Inherit the Earth

From Bad to Worse to Catastrophic?

3.   Government:

The Ideology of Freedom

The Christian Vision of Government

Law and Society

Lessons from a Great Man’s Failures

The Dark History of Gun Legislation

The Case for an Australian Militia

More than Just Conservative

Christians in Parliament

In the Midst of Your Enemies Review

4.   Education:

The World’s Second Oldest Religion

The Family and Education

Why Education must be Christian


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